‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Recap: BK Exposes Sierra and Grandmothers Throw Jabs

For weeks, the focus on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been on the love triangle between Shooter, Kiyomi, and Cheyenne. In the April 27 episode, the parking garage meetup resulted in the women exchanging verbal jabs before trying to fight.

All that tension boiled over and continued into the May 4 episode, but attention shifted to Sierra and BK. Here’s a recap of “The Kids Are Alright.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the May 4 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Read at your own risk.]

Bambi and Scrappy of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'
Bambi and Scrappy of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ | Andy Lyons/BIG3/Getty Images

Cheyenne and Kiyomi’s saga seemingly ends

Things pick up with Cheyenne and Kiyomi charging at each other and security breaking up a fight before it starts. Shooter narrates and says takes responsibility for some of the things in the love triangle, but adds Cheyenne needs to take responsibility too for taking a break.

In his confessional, he says he’s moving on from her, and he and Scrapp will either “fly right” or move on too.

The rowdiness finally ends when Shooter and Kiyomi leave. Scrapp advises Cheyenne to let it go, and she’s ready to do that with Shooter, but still wants to fight Kiyomi. On social media, fans are siding with Cheyenne.

Celebrations are everywhere

The girls’ trip wraps up with Sierra planning to focus on her daughter’s “Sweet 15” party instead of BK. On the way home from their trip, she tells the girls she’s tired of him and just wants to her keys back.

Bambi and Scrappy take the family to Medieval Times, and they hear a call for “Prince Scrappy” and “Princess Bambi” over the speakers. They go to a designated area where they’re crowned, caped, and prepared for a royal announcement.

A voice gets on the mic and declares: “They are expecting a baby! Three cheers for the royal family!” Scrappy is surprised but happy, and says he had no idea she was pregnant.

Elsewhere, Kirk and Rasheeda pick up Kirk’s son, Kirk Jr., from jail. They take him to their restaurant and sit him down for a chat about staying out of trouble. Rasheeda wants her son Ky to hear it too.

They warn him that because their family has a name and a “legacy,” they’re easy targets and don’t want anything to tarnish their brand.

Sierra and her friend Tiffany are making gift bags for Paris’ party guests, and then the conversation pivots to BK. There’s a recap of his previous cheating, and suddenly he enters the kitchen. Sierra is mad and accuses him of breaking in, but he has a key.

They argue about him letting some woman rub on his beard at the bar. “I can’t help if girls like me, I’m a handsome guy,” he proclaims in the confessional. BK finally leaves, disinvited from her daughter’s party. Sierra gets her key back.

Kendra is having a pre-wedding spa day with her mom, Joc’s mom, Mimi, Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, Bambi, and Sierra. Shekinah and Spice join the party, and Joc’s mom is in the corner throwing shade at Karlie, mumbling that she can’t stand her.

They move their celebration to a drag queen show at LIPS—with the mamas. Some of the ladies break off and gossip about Joc’s wandering eyes, but they all hope he’s changed for the better.

Kendra’s mom looks extra bothered by the show, but Joc’s mom is partying, especially when they play her son’s song.

The grandmothers go at it

At Scrappy and Bambi’s house, the family is waiting for Momma Dee to arrive to tell her the baby news. Bambi’s mom already knows because she got a call as soon as Bambi found out. They haven’t spoken to Momma Dee since the obituary incident.

She walks in and is angry with the couple for not telling her about the pregnancy, which she discovered through social media. She then insults CeCe, saying she apologizes for giving her a human eulogy “because if I knew you walked on all fours, I would have took you to the pet cemetery.”

Bambi’s mom pulls out a voodoo doll in response to the burn from Momma Dee. She said she was ready. Scrappy pulls his mother to the side to talk to her about her behavior, and she admits she needs to work on herself.

Momma Dee wants the grandmothers to work together to do better. The fans want the fighting to end too.

Sierra gets exposed

It’s time for Paris’ birthday party at the venue. Sierra explains she didn’t invite BK or Karlie because she didn’t want drama, and tells the ladies about BK “breaking in” with a key. They correct her and tell her she’s being dramatic.

Shooter shows up and they tease them about getting back together. He purposely didn’t bring Kiyomi because he didn’t want drama, but he pleads the fifth about his ex-wife Sierra.

The parents walk Paris outside to surprise her with a new SUV. As guests are watching and congratulating her, BK pops up on the scene.

He gifts Paris with some diamond earrings, but Sierra tries to chase him off. He has a gift bag for her too. In it, there are condoms because he’s trying to make a point. Sierra goes back in the bag and there are printouts of text messages inviting other men over to see her.

Apparently, she’s been cheating in her own way. Sierra takes a moment in her confessional to explain she did it because BK did it first. She curses him out as her friends watch and wonder why he came to a 15-year-old’s party with the mess.

Tokyo and Shekinah exchange words with him too before he leaves. Stay tuned for the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season finale next week, May 11.