‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Season Finale Recap: Akbar Causes Chaos

Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was cut short, but after the May 4 episode, some things were certainly left up in the air. Grandmoms were beefing, love triangles imploded, and one-side hate reigned for most of the season.

Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the LHHATL cast was forced to make adjustments with filming, recording confessionals from their own homes.

The opening scene of the season 9 finale featured clips of the cast adjusting to coronavirus lockdown measures around the city. Everyone is scared. Here’s a recap of the last Love & Hip Hop episode filmed before the shutdown.

Akbar V of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'
Akbar V of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Akbar and LightSkinKeisha are on each other’s minds

Akbar visits Sierra’s salon and they catch up about current events. Akbar missed Paris’ birthday party and Sierra tells her it was a mess. She reflects on BK and contemplates whether she still loves Shooter. Akbar vents about her career and the criticism she’s facing about her kids not living with her. “I just be seeing these less talented people… I’m real music.”

Sierra brings up the incident at the radio station with LightSkinKeisha, and Akbar defends having a beef with her and tells Sierra to pick a side. Sierra—who calls Akbar a close friend—encourages her to stick to the music and then invites her to Spice’s event. Is this wise?

At LightSkinKeisha’s house, she and her boyfriend discuss Spice’s upcoming launch party and how Akbar may show up. She is annoyed with Akbar’s fighting behavior and thinks she needs therapy.

LightSkinKeisha only wants to focus on her music and doesn’t want fake beef with other female rappers in Atlanta. She makes it clear that although Tokyo wants them to make up, she will snap if things get ugly.

Nonstop arguments take over Spice’s event

It’s the night of Spice’s makeup and wig line launch, and Mimi, Karlie, and Kiyomi arrive together. As they chat, in walks Alexis Skyy with Akbar. Kiyomi and Alexys greet each other, acknowledging it’s the first time they’ve met in person.

The energy changes when Kiyomi mentions she used to talk to her ex, Fetty Wap. Alexis says in her confessional that this “groupie girl” is petty, and she doesn’t care about Fetty.

Karlie brings up the Arkansas Mo/Alexis situation, and they rehash it. Karlie still has ill will about it. Mimi interrupts and starts asking Alexis about her sex trafficking story as and Karlie sits casting doubt. She questions her version of events by comparing it to what Mo told her about Alexis.

She’s throwing shade about the situation saying she knows everything about it via Mo. Mimi defends Alexis who is upset and crying. Shekinah walks in and catches the tail end and sees Alexis is hurt.

Alexis steps out for a moment followed by Spice who wants to know what happened. Spice apologizes for Karlie’s drama.

Chaos erupts and Akbar is at the center

Things get hostile between Akbar and Shekinah when Karlie tries to reintroduce them. An argument breaks out between the two and Akbar throws a drink and sparks a mini fight.

Security steps in, and in her confessional Shekinah said she didn’t realize Akbar was still holding a grudge. “Karlie, you reintroduced me to the devil,” says Shekinah in her confessional.

She is angry is asked to leave. No one is really getting along, and Spice has had it, especially since Akbar promised to behave nicely. But Akbar is heated over words, and even Karlie is looking at her with a side eye.

Everyone is over Akbar’s antics. Tokyo and Lightskin Keisha arrive in the parking lot and hear Shekinah ranting. They don’t understand the root of the beef, and neither do the other ladies.

Spice asks Akbar to calm down and act right before doing her thing on stage. The other ladies walk into the spot while Spice is performing. Akbar is NOW upset about seeing Lightskin Keisha. She believes she needs to “handle it” before they handle her.

Tokyo asks the group what happened, and Spice explains how Akbar was mad and a fight broke out. Tokyo introduces everyone to LightSkinKeisha and adds, “You already know Akbar.”

Akbar gets defensive again and charges Lightskin Keisha out of the blue. Tokyo jumps in and security escorts her out with Lightskin Keisha. Spice is done and she confronts Akbar, and they start to fight!

She finally leaves (throwing stuff on the way out). She drives off and the other girls roll up on her in a car. Lightskin Keisha jumps out and attacks Akbar in a vehicle. Tokyo runs toward it, security runs toward it, and Alexis (who is no longer on Akbar’s side) runs toward it too.

Online, fans are over Akbar’s shenanigans and are calling her a bully. Commenters state she needs to calm down and humble herself if she wants to make it in the music business, and some feel sorry for her.

After the melee, Spice, Mimi, and Karlie clean up and talk about the chaos Akbar causes everywhere she goes. She’s no longer invited out. “Just keep fighting, Akbar. You’ll get there. B****,” says Spice in her confessional.  

Love & Hip Hop is over for now

In another part of town, Kirk, Shooter, and Scrappy are at Frost Bistro to sanitize the restaurant with coronavirus measures in place. Shooter informs his friends that the Cheyenne/Kiyomi drama is over, and because he’s unsure about Kiyomi’s ties to Scrapp, he’s moving on.

While they’re talking, the LHH production crew walks in and announces that filming is shutting down due to COVID-19. “How are we gonna live? How are we gonna pay our bills?” says Kirk.

Other cast members are at their filming locations and green screen sessions, and are notified too. The cameras pan all over the empty city. Rasheeda and Kirk speak in their confessional about their three businesses being shut down and how it’s affecting them and their employees.

Joc and Kendra talk about postponing their wedding, BK shares that he lost his uncle and urges people to cherish their loved ones. The show wraps up with each cast member at home in quarantine, coping in their own ways.