‘Love Goals:’ Meet The Couples Of OWN’s New Relationship Series

OWN’s found a niche for reality series documenting the ups and downs of relationships. Their first season of Love & Marriage Huntsville chronicled the lives and relationships of three successful couples in Alabama. The show was such a hit for viewers that it paved the way for another unscripted relationship series. 

The network’s newest show, Love Goals, follows four celebrity couples in dire need of relationship counseling. Over a two week period, the couples will work with a licensed relationship counselor who will help them decide whether to stay together or split. Some of the couples are not new to television, but their drama has become so elevated that their experience on this show will surely be different.

Althea Heart and Benzino

Heart and Benzino were first introduced to the world on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Their relationship happened quickly and within months they were engaged. Their spot on Love & Hip Hop was compromised after they fought with another couple. During that time, it was revealed that Heart had a past relationship with Benzino’s best friend. 

Benzino and Althea Heart
Benzino and Althea Heart 2014 | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

They made it through the rough patch and welcomed a son a short time later but their reunion was shortlived and resulted in chaos with Heart being arrested twice for domestic violence. There were also additional cheating allegations, social media spats, and claims of unfit parenting. 

The two are hoping that Love Goals will help them end the cycle of verbal abuse and their constant on-again-off-again relationship. They argue viciously and hit below the belt. One preview shows Benzino calling Heart out of her name and wishing death upon her. 

Dwayne “Money” Bowe and Theresa Bowe

Money is a retired NFL star who is now pursuing a career in rap. He and his Theresa married in 2018 after dating for 11 years. They have two children together but they are currently at a crossroads.

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Theresa is frustrated with Money’s giving spirit. As the one in his family and friend circle who “made it,” he feels obligated to financially care for his loved ones. Theresa disagrees, especially because they now have a family of their own and their financial situation had changed since his retirement.

Money is stuck between two worlds: a father and husband, and on the other side, a leader amongst a community. Theresa is hoping Love Goals will force Money to choose her and their children or she’s threatening to end their relationship.

Sundy Carter and Breyon Williams

Carter is a former video model who spent one season on VH1’s Basketball Wives. She and Williams, a former college football star turned financial expert, have been dating for eight months. The other couples on the show questioned why they are in need of counseling so soon in their relationship. 

Carter admits that she and Williams began as a fling but both fell in love. They decided to try Love Goals because of Williams’s admitted love of female company. Carter wants Williams to make a decision on whether or not he is ready to be in a committed relationship or continue playing the field.

Dee Dee “Spinderella” Roper and Quenton “Q” Coleman

Spinderella found comfort in funny man, Coleman, who works as a standup comedian. The former DJ of the hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa is finding trouble focusing on her relationship due to the current legal battle she’s experiencing with her former group members. 

Coleman says Spinderella is controlling and needs to learn to loosen up. They are both eager to walk down the aisle after getting engaged and prepping for their upcoming wedding. Love Goals will hopefully help the two find a compromise.

Another celebrity couple, rapper Coolio and his fiancé Mimi Ivey, are slated to join the cast mid-season but their reasons for participating on the show have not yet been made public.