‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast Tease Too Many Explosive Moments to Name – But Admit it All Comes Down To Yung Joc [Exclusive]

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop: Miami returns to VH-1 and the cast seemed to agree that while there are too many wild moments this season to name, that Yung Joc’s wedding is going to bring down the house.

Determined to make his relationship official, Joc and Kendra Robinson plan to marry but a shocking reveal goes down at the alter that no one saw coming. Joc, along with Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Sierra Gates and Florence El Luche dished with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the upcoming season.

Joc’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ storyline is wild – but the entire season is filled with explosive moments

The Frosts shook their head, sharing that “Joc for sure” had the most shocking moment this season. But Rasheeda added, “There’s a few things on the season that were like, ‘Whoa!'” Meanwhile, Joc joked, “Really … is that what we’re doing today?”

Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc from 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' kiss on the red carpet
Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

“There’s problems everywhere,” Kirk said. But said, “We don’t get to see anything.” Rasheeda added that they see the footage when the viewers see it.

But, “I’ve seen a lot of things happen with Safaree,” Kirk said. “I’ve seen a lot with Scrappy and Momma Dee. But we’ve got good stuff too. We’ve got love and marriage. And weddings on the way.” The couple added that it was going to be a rollercoaster.

Joc says viewers will be shocked by the twists and turns

Speaking of rollercoasters, Joc’s wedding storyline teased that perhaps he wasn’t as faithful to Kendra as she hoped. But making matters worse, he may have fathered a child with another woman.

Florence laughed when she thought back to the moment. “Look at us putting our heads down!”

But Joc had an explanation. “I think that the wedding was a big ‘wow’ for me, a big step for me,” Joc said. “People not realizing that I was married for 12 years. So this wasn’t my first marriage. But with the image that people have of me … and then to trade everything and grow into a better person. A lot of people did appear to be genuinely happy for me.”

“But when we watch the show and we get into it, I think there will be some other layers peeled back as to who I am and who my wife is,” Joc continued. “And how my family breakdown is. There’s going to be some shocking reveals. I’m pretty sure you think you know what’s going on. But until you dive all the way in, you really don’t know.”

Florence teases a ‘shift’ on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’

The cast said that music will continue to be a big theme of the show. “For me I’m from Miami,” Florence said. “I’m doing music. There are going to be a lot of performances on this season for me. I got to really expose a lot of my music career. A lot of love. And too with my marriage and everything.”

She teased, “When I thought I was gonna renew my vows, everything just shifted.” Adding that the performances will be explosive. “What happened with my community, you know, I’m Haitian,” Florence said. “So pretty much me being on the show was something new to my Haitian community because I’m very connected to them. So they got to experience a lot and it’s just going to be crazy and you are just going to have to watch it. A lot of crazy things are going on with that.”

New seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop: Miami premiere Monday, August 8th beginning at 8PM ET/PT as part of VH1’s summer hot ‘Level Up Mondays’