‘Love & Hip Hop’: Fans Are Very Confused About Karlie Redd and Alexis Skyy’s Feud as They Squash Their Beef

The confrontation between Karlie Redd and Alexis Skyy was one of the most explosive moments of last week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season premiere. Now, a week later, fans have a lot of questions surrounding their feud as the two seem to move on past their issues.

Karlie Redd, Alexis Sky
(L-R) Karlie Redd, Alexis Skyy | Prince Williams/WireImage

What were Karlie and Alexis even feuding about?

During last week’s season premiere, the feud between Redd and Skyy was showcased. The two had heated confrontation as showed up at Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s 20-year marriage celebration, uninvited, with Akbar V. After arriving she almost immediately went for Karlie and began as if she was going to fight her.

They were feuding because Skyy said says that she was involved with Karlie Redd’s ex-husband, Arkansas Mo, during their engagement. She even said that as saying that the engagement ring that Mo gave Karlie was initially given to her first.

Redd agrees to talk to Skyy face-to-face during her boxing session. The two try to talk it out and Skyy says that he only issue with Karlie was that she threatened to spit on her mother’s face. Then, the conversation weirdly shifts gears as Redd begins talking about how someone in Skyy’s family held she and Mo at gunpoint when they were leaving the mall. Skyy says she didn’t realize that a gun was involved and then seemingly reach common ground and agree to be cordial.

Fans still don’t really understand what’s was going on

The conversation switched subjects so quickly, it is unclear how the situations are related or if it could just be bad editing.

Asking the primary question that needs answering, a fan tweeted, “Soooo what did that mall story have to do with Karlie spitting on Alexis’s mom?” Echoing the same sentiments, someone else tweeted, “Wtf was Alexis and Karlie talking about????? Like wtf did Karlie getting jacked have anything to do with her saying she was going to spit on that girls mom???? Y’all have to edit better or make it make sense.”

“Im not understanding on why karlie and alexis couldn’t handle the situation. Talking it out smh,” said one person.

Another viewer said, “So Alexis just gonna let Karlie get away with saying she was going [sic] spit on her moms and her kid? Then she gonna apologize and Karlie not ?? I’m confused.” Someone else agreed, saying, “This whole Alexis & Karlie ‘beef’ is fake/staged. Ain’t no way I’m excusing you saying you’ll spit in my mom & kid’s face because someone ‘aLleGEdLy’ put a gun to your head.”

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