‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Season 6 Reunion Part 1 Recap

It’s reunion time! Finally, the first part of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion aired and it seems like tensions have only gotten worse. Nina Parker was on the stage to corral all the cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. During the introduction, she points out the Apryl and Fizz drama, A1 and Lyrica’s relationship woes, and the status of B2K’s tour.

Everyone is present: Lyrica, A1, Lyrica G, Pam, Princess, Ray J, Yo-Yo, Mr. Ray, Teairra Mari, Jason Lee, Apryl Jones, Zell, Lil’ Fizz, Paris, Micky Munday, Moniece, and from a remote location, Kimberly (aka K. Michelle). How did things go? Here’s a recap of the LHHH reunion—which was full of fighting.

Lyrica Anderson of 'Love & Hip Hop'
Lyrica Anderson of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ | Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

A1 and Lyrica’s saga continues…

There was a recap of Lyrica speaking to Summer Bunni and confronting A1 about sleeping with her. They’re split up, but A1 claimed he didn’t cheat after they renewed their vows. There was lots of back and forth, with his mother, Pam, interjecting that no one looks out for her son’s feelings. He says he’s hurt. Lyrica confirmed she moved out and A1 doesn’t even know where she lives.

A clip was shown with Ray J calling A1 a cheater and laughing, and another where Mr. Ray told A1 that Lyrica had another man. Lyrica denied that she was messing with a new guy, but the tension kept up. That started another screaming match, but this time between A1 and the moms, who are cursing and yelling at each other to stay out of it. Lyrica G calls A1 an a******.  In the meantime, fans on social media are hollering for the mamas to mind their business too.

Security had to escort the mothers off the stage, and Pam was extra irate, wanting to fight. A1 stood up and said he feels like R. Kelly and tells Lyrica to keep her mother away from him. This went on for about 20 minutes.

Ray J and Princess seemed to be in a good place

Moving on, Ray J and Princess are up. A recap of the dungeon scene and them trying for baby number two was shown, as well as Princess’s gripes about Ray J being absent from home for long periods. Fans learn they’re having a boy, and they’ve worked on their communication issues. Ray J said they worked on their relationship and advised his co-stars/friends that if they work at things and stay loyal, love will prevail. We’re reminded this reunion was taped months ago and they’re back at not being on good terms.

There was also a review of the Boogotti kidnapping episode, and it was confirmed the person who wanted to claim the reward was the same person who snatched him. Boogotti the little dog is safe.

Apple is still grinding

Next up, was Apple Watts, Yo-Yo, Mr. Ray, Micky, and Tierra Mari. Apple talked about losing the opportunity for the shoe deal and dusting herself off to keep going. She spoke about her drinking issues, but said she’s more focused on NOT fighting someone. She said she won’t stop drinking, but she’ll manage her habit. Yo-Yo has also taken her under her wing like a mentor.

Teairra Mari chimed in and said she gave up the drinking because she decided she wanted to live, but Apple said because of the life she’s lived, drinking helps her cope.

The episode ends with another round of arguing about Fizz and Apryl

In the final 15 to 20 minutes of the reunion, the spotlight was on Apryl and Fizz. Joining them on stage was Marques Houston, J Boog, Paris, and Zell.

Fizz talked about his relationship with Omarion, and reiterated they were only co-workers going into the B2K Millennium tour. He said that Omarion largely kept to himself after B2K broke up and didn’t speak to anyone in the group, and they weren’t friends, let alone close.

Fizz said his best friend is J Boog, the only person from B2K he talked to. Fizz also said that when Omarion joined the cast of LHHH, he was brought on to pretend “O” had friends in B2K. Why bring this up? To justify his relationship with Apryl.

Paris then flat out said she messed with her ex’s brother/best friend. Then the two women got into a shouting match. Paris said I know you and you’re a liar and you lied on TV. Then the two started calling each other b****.

More clips were shown with host Nina Parker saying Fizz and Apryl going “bump bump bump” was causing problems. But the pair finally admitted that they’re together. Apryl defended her actions by saying people believed what they saw on camera about her and Omarion’s relationship, but behind the scenes, it was the “terriblist” relationship.

Parker asked J-Boog if they didn’t have a tour, would he have a problem with Fizz and Apryl being in a relationship? He said he tries to stay out of people’s business, but then turned toward Apryl and said it’s unfortunate she messed with Omarion before messing with Fizz, and that set Apryl off. She threatened to tell J Boog’s business, and he encouraged her to say whatever. She did, and implied that he slept with a family member or two in Omarion’s family.

Could she be stirring up the rumor that J Boog messed around with his bandmate’s mother? That accusation has been floating around the internet for a while, but fans will have to stay tuned for part two of the reunion to see how this verbal battle escalates.