‘Love & Hip Hop’: Karlie Redd Threatens Charges Against Sierra Gates Ahead of Church Service

The feud between Karlie Redd and Sierra Gates continued to play out on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Before the two had a conversation after a church service, Redd, still upset about Gates trying to fight her, spoke with another cast member as she thought about pressing charges against her friend.

Karlie Redd, Sierra Gates
(L-R) Karlie Redd, Sierra Gates | Raymond Hall/GC Images, Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Karlie Redd and Sierra Gates are at odds

Redd and Gates’ feud kicked off in high gear last week with Gates was upset that Redd did not show up to a court appearance she had. Gates is in legal trouble after a woman who has another child with her husband, Shooter, claims that Sierra got into a fight with her when she was pregnant.

As reported by Bossip, the assault allegedly happened in 2017. However, Sierra was not charged until 2019. She was charged with “two counts of battery and one count of battery against a female who is pregnant.” Redd was allegedly with Gates during the incident and agreed to testify on her behalf. When the day came for the appearance, Redd was stuck in traffic and was given the wrong courtroom number by Gates.

Though the hearing to postponed, Gates was very angry that Redd was not there and believed that she wasn’t planning on showing up anyway. When Redd finds out that Gates is so heated, she is also angry at this because she thinks she always shows up for Gates and doesn’t get the same support in return. At Gates’ event, the two have a physical altercation after Gates mushes Redd in the head. Gates’ assistant also steps in and it seems like multiple people are trying to get at Redd.

After last week’s fight, Karlie and Sierra have a chat

In this week’s episode, we see that Redd, who spoke with Rasheeda about the incident, is contemplating pressing charges against Gates, mainly due to the fact that her assistant was involved and that she believes it is a set-up. Gates, in a parallel scene with Bambi Benson, seems to be angry at the fact that Redd could make more trouble with her when she already has an outstanding charge.

After they talk to different people about the incident, Redd and Gates are brought together at church. Once church is over, the other ladies let them talk things out alone. That’s when Gates apologizes and asks for forgiveness while Redd says she forgives her, but doesn’t think she will be able to trust her anymore. Redd believes their trust is broken because you shouldn’t put your hands on another friend, no matter what you are going through.

Last week, fans were on Redd’s side, saying Gates shouldn’t have hit her. Again this week, most people still agree with Redd and believe that Gates is only crying for sympathy.

“Sierra could’ve controlled her self from not touching Karlie period,” tweeted one fan.

Another person said, “I’m not a big @KARLIEREDD fan, but @Sierra_Glamshop clearly shmooshed Karlie right in the face. And that IS on video.”

“If I was Karlie I would walk away from this friendship. I’m sure Sierra didn’t set her up, but why would Sierra’s assistant feel so comfortable jumping her?” added someone else.

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