‘Love & Hip Hop’: Princess Love Ponders Making an OnlyFans and Fans React

Love & Hip Hop stars Ray J and Princess Love still have fans shook after the news that Ray J wanted a divorce. Now that Princess Love asked people on Instagram if she should make an OnlyFans, fans wonder what Ray J may think.

Ray J and Princess Love
Ray J and Princess Love | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for MTV

Princess Love and Ray J have reached a new high in their marital issues

Though there have been turbulent times in their relationship pretty much since its inception, it is safe to safe that Love and Ray J haven’t been more on the rocks than they are now.

Last month, fans were hit with a surprise when it was revealed that Ray J made the impromptu decision to file for divorce. This surprise was exacerbated by the fact that Love just rescinded her own divorce request just months ago. Their relationship first began to tank after Love claimed that Ray J left her and their daughter in Las Vegas while she was pregnant with their son. There were also rumors about infidelity.

Ray J seemed interested in reconciling when Love was not. Still, they never officially split though things didn’t seem to be the same.

On The Real last month, Ray J seemed to not be sure of his brash decision to file for divorce. “I’m not saying that that’s what I did, or that I made a mistake, but I don’t know if I did make a mistake,” she said. “I don’t know. I have every right to just not know and still just try to figure it out.”

Princess Love asks people on social media if she should create an OnlyFans

In a question she posted to her Instagram Story, Love asked her followers on the social media platform if she should create an OnlyFans. Ray J has yet to say anything publicly about Love’s question.

OnlyFans is a social media platform in which users can earn money off from their content as opposed to giving it away for free. There are different membership options where you can pay for content on a monthly basis. The talent also can provide pay-per-view content and get tips from fans.

The platform can be used for anything, a lot of makeup artists use it for tutorial and in general, it can be just another way in which fans can get content from influencers, celebrities and online personalities. However, OnlyFans has been popularized for the way it has revolutionized sex work.

It allows people to purchase videos and more directly from the person and it is a way that sex workers have been able to make money, especially given the restrictions that have been placed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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How fans respond to Love potentially heading to OnlyFans

Love’s OnlyFans idea got a mixed response on social media, particularly after it was posted by The Shade Room. It is worth noting that Love neve said what type of content that she’d be offering on OnlyFans.

“Nah sweetheart, just be a mother,” commented one fan.

Someone else added, “If you got to ask a bunch of strangers you already know the answer to your own question!!”

One person said that this may be a way that she is looking to make a point with Ray J. They commented, “Stop hun, this is just a tacky way to get Ray j attention.”

Social media star and Wild N Out star B. Simone said, “She should do whatever her heart desires.”