‘Love & Hip Hop’: Sierra Gates Reveals the Real Reason She Tried to Fight Karlie Redd and the Current State of Their Relationship

Sierra Gates has been front and center in a lot of the drama on Love & Hip Hop‘s Atlanta series this season. In a new interview, she gave more detail into her on-camera feud with former friend Karlie Redd and provided insight from her perspective.

Sierra Gates, Karlie Redd
(L-R) Sierra Gates, Karlie Redd | Paras Griffin/Getty Images, Prince Williams/Getty Images

Sierra Gates and Karlie Redd had a rough patch this season

Gates and Redd got on bad terms this season after Redd didn’t show up to Gates’ court appearance. Her legal issues, stemming from being accused of attacking a pregnant woman who has another child by her ex, were documented on this season of the show.

Redd agreed to testify on Gates’ behalf, however, she was stuck in traffic on the way to the court appearance. She was also given the wrong courtroom number by Gates. Even though the hearing got postponed, Gates was still very upset that Redd could not make it. She went as far as to try to attack Redd the next time she saw her and others on Gates’ team also seemed to jump in as well.

Gates attempted to apologize to Redd when they all ended up at church together. She said she regretted her actions. Redd said that while she technically forgives her, the trust between them was broken. The two left each other, hoping to one day get back to where things were.

For the rest of the season, the two seemed to be on a path toward mending their friendship, especially when they both went on a ski-trip that was orchestrated by Rasheeda.

Sierra Gates breaks down the fight and why it happened

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Gates talked about the fight and why she actually decided to take things to the next level.

“I had a party to celebrate, because I made it out of court,” the reality star explained. “And Karlie was late to my court case but I wasn’t even mad about that. It’s a TV show so they’ve got to put an extra twist on it, but I really wasn’t mad about that.  I was mad because she came inside the party and she was being very aggressive.”

She insinuated that a lot of what happened was not shown, especially the events that happened prior to the infamous “face mush.” Gates said, “If you can just really pay attention to that. Because a lot of people are just looking for me mushing her in the face but they didn’t really see the conversation before the mush in the face. I was asking her to leave and she wouldn’t leave. She was like ‘No, b***h I’m not going anywhere’. And we were just going back and forth, and with drinks in our system and as having so much going on I kind of mushed her.”

As for Gates’ friends jumping into the fight, she says that she regrets this and that it escalated this way, hoping that they she could get their friendship back.

Are they on good terms now?

Gates said that things were OK after the ski trip and she thought she was back on good terms with Redd but realized they were not after she saw Redd’s press interviews and show confessionals after the season premiered.

“The thing is that she forgave me. We went on a trip ski trip with the show and she forgave me…. We made up, we went out to eat. We did all of these things, filmed together, said we working on our friendship. But then as soon as the show started airing she just went crazy, doing interviews bashing me, saying I had her set up and all this craziness,” she said.

At the end of the day, Gates says she wants the best for Redd and that it’s all good because she forgave her. She still seemingly admits that the two aren’t friends right now.

She added, “I wish her the best in life. Peace, love and blessings, I have nothing against her. She was a great friend. I just wish she would stop putting seasoning on the story with things she knows didn’t really happen, she’s just being really extra right now. But it’s okay I get it. She’s probably feels like anything bad she can say about me will tarnish what I’ve got going on so. But it’s only up from here. She forgave me already. I’m good.”