‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Prince Is Suing Tory Lanez for 2019 Nightclub Fight

Tory Lanez is in even more hot water. After allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion, he is now being sued by a Love & Hip Hop star over an incident that happened at a Miami nightclub last year.

Christopher 'Prince' Michael Hardy
Christopher ‘Prince’ Michael Hardy | Prince Williams/WireImage

Prince on ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Prince, whose real name is Christopher Michael Hardy, is one of the original main cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. A model, rapper, and party promoter, he was in the show’s first two seasons. During his time on the show, he was most known for his partying and his relationship with Liz Cifuentes. Another major part of his storyline was the breakdown of his friendship with Bobby Lytes after Prince got back with Cifuentes after cheating on her.

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Here’s what is known about the lawsuit from reported court documents

According to TMZ, Prince is suing Lanez, claiming that the musician and his security beat up him up in Miami. The alleged incident happened in November 2019 at the LV Nigthclub. TMZ had ahold of court documents that detail the situation.

The outlet reports, “Harty says he was in the club in November 2019 when things went south. He claims Tory started to verbally antagonize him, and that the trash talk eventually escalated to Tory taking a swing at him and landing a punch.”

Prince says that Lanez’s security also participated in assaulting him, including punches and kicks. There is video footage as a part of the lawsuit as well, but it is no too clear on if Lanez is explicitly depicted.

The court documents don’t state how it all started, but Prince says that the altercation left him with “blunt force trauma to his head, neck, chest and back and multiple contusions and bruises to his body.” Terms of the lawsuit are not yet known right now.

Here’s what Prince says about the situation

In an interview with Miami’s NBC affiliate, Prince described the alleged attack. “He swung, he initially missed, he jumped over and then they just started trying to attack me,” he said. “They backed me into a corner, and once I was there, they started stomping on me, jumping on me.”

Prince cites a song as the reason for the melee. The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star says that he knew Lanez and helped him get into the club. But a post on Instagram about a song seems to be the root of the issue.

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“They felt that I was insinuating that they stole the record from me, and I was just like, no, I would never do that, that was never my intention,” he explained. “I had no issue with him at all.”

He also says that he is suffering from anxiety as a result of the attack and had to fix a dislodged tooth. A legal representative for Prince says that they tried to settle things without going to court. “It seems like it’s a chronic problem with him. Tory needs to be held accountable for his misconduct, for his bad behavior and bad habits,” said Marwan Porter, managing partner of Porter Law Firm.

Prince insinuated that legal action was the logical next step. “I’m not gonna beat you up, I’m not gonna call the cops now,” he added. “I’m just going to go and get money for it and fix everything that I had to handle.”