‘Love & Hip Hop’: This Star Threw Major Shade at Franchise Creator Mona Scott-Young

For the new, third season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Joseline Hernandez made her huge return to the franchise. But by throwing shade at creator Mona Scott-Young, has the original Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star made sure that her return stay won’t be a long one?

'Love & Hip Hop's' Karlie Redd, Mimi Faust, Erica Dixon, Mona Scott-Young, Joseline Hernandez, K. Michelle and Stevie J
‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ Karlie Redd, Mimi Faust, Erica Dixon, Mona Scott-Young, Joseline Hernandez, K. Michelle and Stevie J | Prince Williams/FilmMagic

What is ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’?

Joseline’s Cabaret is a new show starring Joseline Hernandez on the Zeus network. The streaming platform has found viral success with series like starring Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni.

Hernandez has been on a press tour promoting the show and has stopped by outlets like The Breakfast Club and The Wendy Williams Show.

Joseline’s Cabaret was set at Zeus before it was announced that she would be returning to VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchise after being gone for a few years. Hernandez is primarily known for being one of the original stars of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta series and is one of the most notable and popular figures from the franchise overall.

Joseline Hernandez shades Mona Scott-Young

While Hernandez was promoting her new series on The Wendy Williams Show, Love & Hip Hop and its creator, Mona Scott-Young, came up.

Previous unconfirmed reports said that after being a series regular on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Hernandez would eventually return to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. However, in her interview with Williams, Hernandez downplayed that she is a major component of the new Miami season, saying, “They gave me a nice bag to just pop in, and pop out.”

She spoke about getting a lot of interest after she first left the franchise. At one point, she was said to be getting a show on We TV, but the development never panned out. Joseline’s Cabaret is her first show since Love & Hip Hop. “When I left Love and Hip Hop, there were a lot of TV networks interested in me…I wanted to do something [that] was like where I came from,” Hernandez told Williams.

She also used this time to shade Scott-Young after noting that she is the creator and star of Joseline’s Cabaret. “Let’s be clear, she [Mona Scott-Young] never created anything…she’s a talent scout.”

Will these remarks mean Joseline Hernandez won’t be on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ much longer?

Perhaps, Hernandez wants to make the most of this moment of having her own show instead of the fact that she is back on Love & Hip Hop. Hernandez even receives prime star billing at the end of the intro for Love & Hip Hop Miami’s season three credits.

Now, part of the reason why Hernandez left the show is that she had a very public spat with Scott-Young in which she bad-mouthed her in the media. She allegedly apologized to the creator before returning to the franchise.

Could Hernandez’s latest remarks mean that Hernandez may leave the franchise once again? Will she appear in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta now after being on the Miami series? Only time will tell, but at the very least, Hernandez’s tune may change about the show. But if it doesn’t, it looks like she’ll have Joseline’s Cabaret.