‘Love & Hip Hop’: What is Mimi Faust’s Net Worth

Mimi Faust is not only one of the most notable figures of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she is one of the most recognizable cast members from the Love & Hip Hop franchise as a whole.

Mimi Faust in 2017
Mimi Faust in 2017 | Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Mimi Faust is an original ‘Love & Hip Hop cast member

Faust is one of the original six main cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In the first few seasons of the show, her main storyline involved her fraught relationship with on-again, off-again boyfriend, Stevie J. They had been involved for almost two years and also have a child together. Most notably, bitter feud with Stevie’s girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez. The two were at odds for most of the time Hernandez was on the show.

Another big storyline for Faust was when she and her then-boyfriend, Nikko Smith, filmed a sex tape. It was the talk of the show and was featured through two seasons as other cast members tried to make sense of it. Faust first said that the tape was leaked before she admitted it was produced.

In season 5, Faust revealed that she is sexually fluid. She entered a relationship with Chris Gould, who later came out as a transgender man. The two ended up breaking up. Now, she has been dating WNBA star Ty Young since the seventh season of the show. In more recent years, Faust’s personal life has been much smoother and drama-free than it was in the prior seasons.

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Mimi Faust’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Faust has a net worth of $2 million. The television personality may be in a much better place than she was in the earlier seasons, but she says the lack of drama she’s in has decreased her pay on the show. She spoke about this in a May 2020 interview.

She said, “I think the show has kind of switched gears a little bit. A lot actually, and I’ve elevated and grown from the BS I was in. And I’m happy and nobody wants to see the happy on Love And Hip Hop. They just don’t. Love And Hip Hop is not a happy arena.”

Faust said that she was not taking part in what people were getting paid the most for. “They want to see wigs flying and drinks thrown and somebody punching somebody in the face. That’s what they want to see. And unfortunately, I choose not to participate in that and I’ve had to take a major pay cut because of it. The reason was, I didn’t have enough ‘drama’ in my life. $150,000 I had to take because of it. $150,000 pay cut.”

There is no word on when Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s new season will air on VH1 with production out of sync due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.