‘Love & Hip Hop’: What’s Going on Between Karlie Redd and Sierra Gates?

It looks like a feud between friends Karlie Redd and Sierra Gates may be a major highlight during the ninth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. On this week’s episode, a verbal altercation escalated to a physical one and fans seem to be in the corner of one of the women in particular.

Karlie Redd, Sierra Gates
(L-R) Karlie Redd, Sierra Gates | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The duo’s issues came to light in this week’s episode

Redd and Gates were at odds this week because the latter took issue with Gates not showing up at her court appearance.

If you remember correctly, Gates is in legal trouble due to an issue that she had with another woman who has a child by Shooter. The woman alleges that Sierra got into a fight with her when she was pregnant.

Bossip reported the assault allegedly happened in 2017 but Sierra was not charged until 2019. The outlet also says that court documents, Sierra is charged with “two counts of battery and one count of battery against a female who is pregnant.” Redd, who was allegedly with Gates when this reported incident happened, agreed to testify on her behalf.

As shown in the episode, Redd was stuck in a lot of traffic on the way to the appearance and she also was given the wrong courtroom number earlier by Gates.

Gates was very mad that Redd was not able to make it. Even though the hearing got postponed, she went to go confront Karile after she showed up after allegedly hearing a rumor that Redd had no intention of showing up at court that day. In turn, Redd believes she is always showing up to support Gates while she doesn’t get the same support in return. Things quickly became heated and turned physical, with Gates mushing Redd in the head.

Fans seem to side with Redd over Gates

Viewers of the show took to social media to give their thoughts on the situation, with many taking Redd’s side instead of Gates.

Fans began to point out how Gates shouldn’t be mad because none of what Redd did hurt her case and the reason for her being late was out of her control.

One viewer tweeted, “When is Sierra’s lawyer gonna tell her Karlie wouldn’t have been able to testify?”

Another person said, “I can’t believe Sierra is really mad at Karlie for something she had no control over. She was stuck in traffic. What did she expect her to do? Hobble down 20 blocks in her heels to just to make it on time?”

“You wanna ‘put her in her place’ when you’re the one that NEEDS her help and her testimony? I would show tf up and say you did it if i was Karlie. Who tf Sierra think she is,” said someone.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays on VH1.