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Love and Hip Hop stars Sierra Gates and BK Brasco are headed down the aisle. In a recent interview, Gates revealed what she thinks is a key component to why their relationship works.

Sierra Gates
Sierra Gates | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Sierra Gates and BK Brasco are now engaaged

Gates was first a supporting cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta from the sixth to the eighth season. In the ninth season, she began appearing as a series regular. Most of her storylines have been about her relationship with ex-husband Shooter Gates and her newer relationship with BK Brasco.

The couple’s relationship went through ups and downs on the show. This year, an episode depicted Gates when she thought she could be pregnant by Brasco and began crying, seemingly upset if this could be the caset. Fans on social media thought that this was proof that they don’t need to be together. After this, Gates and Brasco had an argument at Gates’ daughter’s birthday party.

At the end of the season, Gates put the rumors to rest that they weren’t together and showed that they are still going strong. Months later, they are still together and have now announced their engagement.

The couple talked about practicing celibacy

Gates attributed this relationship to be different for her because she had a friendship with Brasco aside from the romantic involvement. “We’re really friends,” she said in an interview with EURWeb. I never really had a friendship with my ex-husband. So how we deal with it is just loving on each other. We love each other like love. A different type of love.”


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The reality star and entrepreneur then revealed that she and Brasco even practiced celibacy.

“We even took sex out of the equation for a whole year,” she explained. “Romel came to me and told me that God had challenged him to stop touching me because God wanted to bless him. He was like, God told him that He wasn’t going to bless him until he completely stopped touching me because I was a special child of His. When he told me that I was like, ‘Boy, you just wanna cheat! Do what you wanna do!’ And he was like, ‘I really need to do this for my own mental. I really need to line myself up and I really need to be a better man for you.'”

She attributes the celibacy for the reason why their relationship works very well today. “Honestly, I promise y’all, once we took that sex out of the equation, we found a deeper love for each other,” she continued. Inseparable. We can lay next to each other. Most people like to be physical with each other. We can lay next to each other and just don’t touch and be laughing, having a good time looking at movies, arguing, laughing again, cooking. Spending time with each other. So when you revert back to what people might say, we got all of this real life happening. We don’t even care.”

Gates and Brasco are expected to return for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which is due on VH1 later this year.