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Over the past weeks, K-drama fans have received a plethora of good news about upcoming dramas. In the spotlight is Park Min-young’s newest role in Love In Contract. The actor is regarded as K-drama’s number one romance actor and will star as an expert fake wife for the single in the new drama. Fans have high hopes for Love in Contract thanks to Park and its storyline, but is it a must-watch?

Park Min-young stars in new K-drama 'Love in Contract.'
Park Min-young stars in new K-drama ‘Love in Contract’ | via tvN

‘Love in Contract’ has Park Min-young as a professional wife-for-hire

The themes of a romance K-drama seem endless, and Love in Contract will add a particular spice that fans crave. Park stars as Choi Sang-eun, who works for a marriage service. What is her role? She pretends to be the wives of her clients for important functions like birthdays, reunions, family gatherings, and more. Her job allows her clients to eliminate the pesky “When are you getting married?” and “You should settle down” comments.

That is not all. In the K-drama trailer, Sang-eun says with a bright smile that she helps her clients get their inheritance, achieve their business goals, and all the perks of marriage. Fans see Park taking on different personas as her character in Love in Contract to fit her client’s needs.

But no romance K-drama is complete without some turmoil and complex love. Sang-eun finds herself in trouble with her long-term client, whom she sees on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and her new client. That is right, Love in Contract has a love triangle.

Who plays the leading male characters in the K-drama?

Besides Park’s leading role in Love in Contract, fans look forward to the swoon-worthy male leads. There is nothing better for fans than rooting for their favorite male character to end up with the girl. For the K-drama, fans will get the best of both worlds as Sang-eun is caught between a young, dark, and handsome Kang Hae-jin, played by actor Kim Jae-young. Hae-jin is Sang-eun’s newest client, who she sees on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

According to Soompi, the actor described his character as “a Hallyu star. He’s an incredibly innocent and pure character.” Fans can look forward to the actor’s role as he starred in the historical drama 100 Days My Prince and Netflix’s Reflection of You.

On the other end of the love triangle is Jung Ji-ho, played by actor Go Kyung-pyo. She is Sang-eun’s long-term client and is older than Hae-jin. Ji-ho is a mystery as the actor described the character as “someone who unintentionally causes mishap in situations around him.”

Go is no stranger to K-dramas, having starred in Reply 1988, Chicago Typewriter, and Private Lives. He will also star in Netflix’s Seoul Vibe.

Park Min-young’s ‘Love in Contract’ is worth keeping an eye on

Park’s new K-drama, Love in Contract, continues her history of dominating the romance genre. But due to her previous drama, Forecasting Love and Weather, not receiving the highest praises from fans, is Love in Contract worth watching? The short answer is, why not?

The actor has a long repertoire of fan-favorite and classic romances like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and Her Private Life. Her works are known for the typical tropes, but in a way that is still a fun watch.


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According to Park, the K-drama’s storyline and her character’s career will add a unique twist. “[The career of Choi Sang Eun] could feel unfamiliar, but I thought of it as a job that could really exist in modern society,” explained the actor. The fact that Sang-eun must also choose between two male leads is what Park thinks will be the “charm point.”

Love in Contract will premiere on tvN on September 21 at 10:30 p.m. KST.