‘Love Is Blind:’ Amber Pike Explains Why She Was Out Of Work and Expectations of Barnett

As more stream Love Is Blind on Netflix and others wait on the highly anticipated reunion show to air on March 5, the show remains the talk of the net. One of the most talked-about scenes on the show was Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett’s discussion about their finances, which revealed Amber to be in an unstable place at the time.

Despite such, the two walked down the aisle and exchanged nuptials. In a recent interview, Amber cleared up any confusion that viewers may have taken from what she says was an edited version of a more extensive conversation. 

Amber and Barnett discuss their living and financial situations on ‘Love Is Blind’

After their blind engagement and pre-honeymoon in Mexico, Barnett and Amber returned to their hometowns in Atlanta to live together in an apartment set up by production ahead of their wedding. The couple also had a chance to dig deep into each other’s lives, including meeting each other’s families and having a peek at each other’s perspective homes.

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While Amber was impressed with Barnett’s living arrangements, he couldn’t say the same. Amber admitted that she did not have stable housing or a job, nor was she in the best place financially. She didn’t have much credit, except a makeup credit card, and was in debt $20,000 from student loans and had not been making regular payments on them.

With Barnett having set up a decent life for himself, Amber was impressed but also intimidated and worried that her situation would cause him to not go through with the wedding.

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Barnett admitted in his confessional that he was stunned at Amber’s revelation. He also expressed concern that he’d have to carry the burden bills in their relationship. Still, it did not deter him from marrying Amber.

Amber clears the air about her finances 

Viewers were shocked at Amber’s life status on the show and were even more surprised that Barnett said “I do” after knowing where Amber stood. One fan took note and pointed it out on Twitter, writing, 

“Idc what yall say amber is an absolute LEGEND she walked in with a 2k debt and no home and left with the satisfaction of financial security, a house, a stay at home career plan and a dog.”

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During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Amber cleared things up about what was shown on the show. While she admits that she was not in the best place, she made it clear that it was never her intention to live off of Barnett. In fact, her life was stable until she hit a rough patch.

She was previously a tank mechanic but took a break from work after the devastating decision she made to terminate a pregnancy from a previous relationship. 

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“As far as the debt that I had at the time, Matt [Barnett] also had student loan debt and credit cards that he was paying on at the time but I hadn’t been paying on my student loans because as previously mentioned, after my abortion I had fallen into a depression and I dropped out of school so my mental health was more of a priority for me and I was slowly building my life together when I got the opportunity to be on the show. I think people missed the fact that I was working on bettering myself not expecting somebody else to make me better.”

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Amber insisted that she and Barnett work as partners and contribute to their household as a collective. She also cleared up that her desire to become a stay-at-home mom is “a goal and not an expectation.” 

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Clearly, Barnett was not turned off by Amber’s baggage. They’ve been happily married since November 2018!