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Amber Pike and Matt Barnett got together on the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. Though Amber had some competition in the pods, it was ultimately clear that the two belonged together.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett of 'Love Is Blind' | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix
Amber Pike and Matt Barnett of ‘Love Is Blind’ | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix

Something the couple discussed after they got engaged was Amber’s work situation and debt. She admitted she didn’t have a steady job at the time and that she was $20,000 in debt from student loans. Barnett was also taken aback to learn of her “makeup credit card.” In his confessional, he said he was surprised by Amber’s financial situation. He was worried about being able to provide for both of them.

A ‘Love Is Blind’ fan asks Amber about her debt on Instagram

Amber posted two photos to Instagram of her and Barnett at the reunion on March 5.

“REUNION SELFIES!! Have y’all seen the reunion yet? Were all of your questions answered? What else do you wanna know?” she captioned the post.

One fan asked the reality star about her debt.

“Loved you on the show! How did it feel watching the editing of the show? Did you feel that they portrayed you inaccurately in discussions of your debt/work history?” they commented.

According to Amber, Love Is Blind didn’t show the full story.

“I think viewers only got to see one side of that conversation and it was definitely played up for effect, but also there were things I wasn’t allowed to talk about at the time for legal reasons sooo I think they did their best,” she responded.

After the reunion, Amber and Barnett were interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. Amber went into more detail about why she was where she was financially during filming.

“As far as the debt that I had at the time, Matt [Barnett] also had student loan debt and credit cards that he was paying on at the time but I hadn’t been paying on my student loans because as previously mentioned, after my abortion I had fallen into a depression and I dropped out of school so my mental health was more of a priority for me and I was slowly building my life together when I got the opportunity to be on the show,” she said.

The reality star continued: “I think people missed the fact that I was working on bettering myself not expecting somebody else to make me better.” She also added that being a stay-at-home mom is “a goal and not an expectation.” 

Do Amber and Barnett want to have children?

Another Instagram follower asked: “I want to know when you intend to have a child?”

Amber says kids aren’t out of the question for her and Barnett, but they’re not ready yet.

“not for a couple years. Me and Barnett are still finding our rhythm as a couple and enjoying each other,” she replied.

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