‘Love Is Blind’: Diamond Jack Says She Doesn’t Know If She and Carlton Morton Would Be Together If He Told Her About His Sexuality Sooner

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton got engaged and broke up on the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. After the couple got engaged, Carlton told Diamond that he’s bisexual during what was supposed to be a romantic trip to Mexico. The discussion turned into a heated argument that ended with the two going their separate ways.

Carlton Morton | Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Carlton Morton | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

After the episode aired, fans wondered what really came between Diamond and Carlton. Was it Carlton’s sexuality or the nature of their argument, or something else?

Would Diamond and Carlton still be together if Carlton had told her about his sexuality sooner?

In an interview with the Love In Sight podcast, Diamond said she doesn’t know if she and Carlton would be together if he had told her sooner. She feels he “robbed” her of ever knowing.

“I felt like I was robbed that choice to even make that decision. If you would have asked me if this would have not played out in how Carlton reacted I don’t know what I would have done. And it goes back to the same thing in the pods. If he would have told me in the beginning, I don’t know what I would have done but I definitely would have made my decision on what he told me, being honest upfront,” she said.

Diamond says she feels like Carlton should have told her about his sexuality sooner. Carlton has said time and time again that you can’t rush a person to open up about their sexuality until they’re ready.

“I feel like he should have just been honest and told me from the beginning. Like, ‘Hey, you might not sit well with it or you might’–give me the option to make those decisions. Don’t make them for me. And I feel like he took that from me,” she said on the podcast.

The host asked Diamond if she was bisexual if she would have told Carlton about her sexuality in the pods.  

“Yeah! Of course, of course I would. I mean that’s just who you are,” she said.

Diamond’s life post-‘Love Is Blind’

As for life after Love Is Blind, Diamond says it’s been up and down. While she’s received a lot of love, she’s also received a ton of criticism from fans who support Carlton.

“It’s been good and bad. It’s been a lot to deal with. Especially when you see people are calling you certain names, saying you’re a disgusting person and getting death threats. I just feel like that’s just extreme and people really don’t know me,” she said.

Diamond says, if she could go back, she would have remained calmer during her argument with Carlton in Mexico. But she gives herself grace because “you never know what you will do until you’re put in that situation.”

“I even hate now that I allow myself to get out of character when I was at the pool cursing him out, throwing the drink. But you never know what you will do until you’re put in that situation. And maybe it wasn’t the best choice to make but that’s how I felt at that time. I felt robbed, I felt upset,” she said. “So, you know, moving forward, I’m just looking to do good things and I’m not allowing the negative comments to hold me back or label me as a person. I know myself and I’m secure with myself and I know I can bounce back. Like I said, I’m built from a strong cloth.”

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