‘Love Is Blind:’ Diamond Jack Refuses To Give Carlton Morton Another Chance

Netflix’s Love Is Blind reunion has finally aired and all six couples reunited for the first time in over a year. They each provided updates on their relationship statuses and gave insight into the highs and lows they experienced on the show.

For the couples who didn’t make it down the aisle, it was their first time to clear the air and make any amends for past mistakes. One former couple who were able to redeem themselves was Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack. They had the chance to talk things through ah the reunion and though Jack is forgiving of Morton’s unfortunate behavior, she is not yet ready to revisit their relationship in any capacity.

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack reunite for the first time at the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion

After Morton and Jack’s relationship came to a painful and dramatic end due to Morton’s failure to disclose his sexuality to Jack, their showdown put them on the list of most explosive reality television moments.

Prior to the reunion, Morton and Jack corresponded via phone and text message to hash out any ill feelings they had been harboring against one another since their poolside breakup. They revealed to PEOPLE Magazine that after not having any contact with one another for more than a year, they put their issues to rest for good.

But things went haywire after the episode aired and both received backlash for their part in their argument. They both said they received death threats from viewers and spoke about the eye-opening experience while sitting across from one another.

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Morton admitted that he went into their final scene together on defense out of fear of being rejected, which caused him to behave out of character. He tearfully apologized to Jack and explained that watching the show back, he was mortified by his behavior. Jack also offered an apology for coming off as insensitive.

Diamond Morton explains why she rejected Carlton Morton’s date proposal 

Morton and Jack both were devastated by the way their relationship ended. Moreso, they were disappointed that they weren’t able to walk away from their relationship as friends. With that in mind, Morton took his apology to the next level when he bent down on one knee and regifted Jack her old engagement ring as a symbol of wanting to move forward as friends. 

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Jack happily accepted Morton’s apology, and even allowed him to replace the ring on her finger; however, she admitted during the special that she was unable to truly foresee a friendship developing between her and Morton due to the severity of the disrespect she experienced on his behalf. 

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Morton revealed that he asked Jack out on an “apology date” and she declined. 

“I’m trying to take her on a date, the answer is no right now, but I think that things take time,” Morton explained. “If she never decides to go out on a date with me, I was engaged to someone that was amazing at one point in my life so that was enough for me.”

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Jack is flattered at Morton’s attempts but is still visibility hurt. 

“I drew the line because I was disrespected and as I explained to him [Morton] before is that I had one guy in my relationship that tried to disrespect me and that was it, I was done,” Jack declared. “Coming from a family that I have seen verbal and physical abuse, that my auntie is not here anymore to talk about it, experiencing those moments, I never want to put myself in that situation.”

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Jack tearfully explained that while she doesn’t believe Morton would physically harm her, his behavior was an overall trigger for her past trauma. Morton understood Jack’s reservations but is hopeful that in time, she’ll come to a different conclusion.