‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Are Ready to Jump Off of the ‘Messica’ Hate Train

There always has to be a reality show villain to make the archetype of this TV genre work correctly. While there are numerous examples of that in dating shows like The Bachelor, there seems to be a general consensus Jessica Batten was the baddie on Netflix’s popular Love is Blind.

Everyone began labeling her as “Messica,” mostly due to her drinking on the show and bringing about some embarrassing moments sure to haunt her for life. After all, getting drunk on a nationally-watched show is not exactly how anyone would want to be remembered.

The good news is Batten managed to have some self-awareness about her behavior, leading her to leave with more positive vibes about changing herself.

Some of Jessica Batten’s behavior on Love is Blind had fans in a dither

Anyone who watched the first season of Love is Blind knows Batten’s behavior was beyond borderline odd. It was mostly due to alcohol, which can make many people turn into a Hyde compared to how they are when sober.

Apparently Batten is like that, even though the initial introduction of herself had everyone thinking her quirks were her natural personality. What made things worse were her derogatory comments to her initial fiancé, Mark Cuevas. Then there was the chasing after Matt Barnett, despite the latter breaking up with Batten due to her bizarre behavior.

On top of it, she managed to get her dog drunk on a glass of wine, infuriating viewers even more. Social media exploded with disgust for Batten, something she didn’t take lightly.

The “Messica” designation stuck around, yet things seem to be changing after realizing her mistake and saying as much during the Love is Blind reunion show.

Love is Blind cast
Love is Blind Cast | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix

The beauty of self-realization

Seeing people own up to their mistakes and make a concerted effort to make themselves a better person is always fulfilling to watch. One could say it was fortunate Jessica Batten was caught on tape doing the strange things she did. Doing so enabled her to see her own behavior before the cameras.

No doubt seeing all the flood of negative comments about her on social media led to this. As a result, she acknowledged her mistakes on the Love is Blind reunion show and admitted she was going through some personal issues as the time. Most encouraging is she said she’s since worked on improving herself as a person.

Fans on Reddit have taken this to heart and said they mostly forgive her behavior and found her admittance of wrongdoing refreshing. Most of this also came from personal apologies she gave to the other men and women who were part of the Love is Blind pod experiment.

Plus, she acknowledged she was drinking too much. Staying off alcohol for some is the best thing to never go back to one’s old deplorable ways.

If Jessica Batten can acknowledge faults, others can too

Without having to give examples, everyone knows someone who does embarrassing things, sometimes without realizing it. If it relates to drinking alcohol, far too many people won’t admit to their boorish behavior unless they see it for themselves on camera. Hopefully Jessica Batten set a precedent for everyone to pay attention to their own behavior when in public.