‘Love Is Blind’: Some of Giannina Gibelli’s Family Was Worried About How She’d Be Portrayed–’We Know How Crazy You Can Be’

Giannina Gibelli starred in the first-ever season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. Though she didn’t end up getting married, she did find love. She also found reality stardom.

Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, and Kelly Chase of 'Love Is Blind' | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix
Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, and Kelly Chase | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix

Love Is Blind fans got to know Giannina as the fiery, passionate woman from Venezuela who “self-sabotage[s]” relationships.

Giannina Gibelli’s family members who are familiar with reality TV didn’t think her going on ‘Love Is Blind’ was a good idea

The reality star says, before agreeing to do Love Is Blind, she went to Florida to talk things over with her family (they’re very close). Some family members were wary of Giannina’s latest venture.

“I have an extended family, right? So some people were supportive, some weren’t,” she said on a recent episode of “Love In Sight.”

The people who weren’t supportive included the family members who were more familiar with reality TV.

“Just like cousins and people who have seen reality TV shows and that know. It was always about, ‘We want the best for you. We don’t want you to put yourself in a situation that’s not going to show you in a good light. And we know how crazy you can be,’” she shared.

But Giannina told her family that she knew what she was doing.

“I was like, ‘You know what, just trust me. I’m a grown woman. Just trust me,’” she said.

Giannina says she doesn’t watch reality dating shows, but she’s not unfamiliar with the type of editing contestants are subject to.

“I’m not completely blind, no pun intended, but I didn’t watch any dating shows to know like what made good TV or made someone fall in love with you. I didn’t know, I didn’t care. But I did watch fun stuff growing up like Top Chef. Those are my type of reality shows,” she said.

Giannina’s parents were extremely supportive of her going on ‘Love Is Blind’

While Giannina had some wary extended family members, her mother and father were all for her going on Love Is Blind.  

“I told them, ‘I am going away for nine days. I promise you I’m not going to be kidnapped. It’s a show that you can find love and if it happens for me, it happens for me. Great.’ My parents were so supportive. I’m a product of my parents. They’re just as fun, light-hearted, spontaneous as I am. And I don’t think that they were really surprised at all,” she shared.

In fact, Giannina’s mom had a good feeling about her going on the show.

“My mom is also very intuitive. She was a model back in Venezuela and everything. And she just kind of saw it as living through me in a way. And she just told me, ‘This is for you. You’re going to find the love of your life. I feel it. Go.’”

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