‘Love Is Blind’: Giannina Was Originally Locked in on Barnett and Amber Liked Damian

When Giannina Gibelli agreed to go on Love Is Blind after someone from casting had reached out to her on Instagram, she decided she wanted to be the “peacemaker” of the group.

During the pod portion of the experiment, she had two different roommates: Lexie Skipper (whose love story wasn’t shown), and Lauren Speed (who ended up with Cameron Hamilton).

Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, and Kelly Chase | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix
Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, and Kelly Chase | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix

“I loved them,” Giannina said on a recent episode of the podcast “Love In Sight.” 

“With Lexie, we kind of just like bonded right away. I love her sense of fashion so that’s how we bonded. And then Lauren and I, she’s just like this quirky, funny soul. I was kind of just like able to find pieces of myself in every single girl, every single person. Me and her were just super funny. Trying to like jack the system and get some music going but we really couldn’t,” said Giannina of her pod roommates.

Giannina tried to be the ‘peacemaker’ while filming ‘Love Is Blind’

The reality star says she knew there was a chance some of the women wouldn’t get along. Everyone’s going after the same group of men, after all. So she wanted to try and keep the peace.

“I went in there with the mindset of being the peacemaker. So even though some girls’ personalities–no surprise, Amber’s personality was very strong,” she said.

The podcast host said it seems like Amber “talks a lot about Amber.” But G didn’t take the bait.

“Well, I really like to see the reason why people talk about things. No one tells you something unless they want you to know it. And that’s the mindset that I went into it. It was like, ‘OK, this person is telling me about this. Why?’ And maybe there’s a reason why. Maybe I could help them or just let them go through this process,” responded Giannina.

She continued: “Again, I went in there being the peacemaker. I would hear some things like, ‘I don’t really like her.’ And I would just be like, ‘I love her. I think she’s great. I think she’s hilarious.’ And that kind of set the tone I think. Because no one would really, ‘Oh I don’t really like her.’ I’d be like, ‘I think she’s great.’ And that would kind of open people’s minds like, ‘Well why? Yeah, she is kind of funny actually.’”

Early on, Giannina liked Barnett and Amber liked Damian 

The host asked the reality star if anyone else was into Damian.

“Yeah. He’s the one that told me. I didn’t know,” responded G.

“So Amber, the first couple of dates was just like, ‘Damian’s really cool.’ And I was saying, ‘Barnett’s really cool.’ And it’s funny that we switched,” she continued.

Giannina says she originally really connected with Matt Barnett.  

“[Barnett] was my first date. He just made me laugh and I was like, ‘This is someone I can just chill with in a random pod without anything around me and it’s great!’ So I kind of went out there being like, ‘Boom! First one. I got it. That’s it. It’s Barnett,'” she said.

Eventually, though, she learned she “was so wrong.” 

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