‘Love Is Blind’: Jessica Reveals the Very Millennial Way She Met Her Boyfriend (Exclusive)

Jessica Batten was one of the most well-known participants on the Netflix show Love Is Blind. Fans followed her journey as she tried to find love in the experimental “pods.”

While Jessica did not find leave the show with a fairy-tale ending, she has since moved on and is dating someone new. Jessica shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet how she met her current man and what is in store for the two of them.

Jessica Batten holds a wine glass as she talks to a potential match through the wall.
Jessica Batten on ‘Love is Blind’ | Netflix

Jessica had a rollercoaster love story on ‘Love Is Blind’

During the first season of Love Is Blind, Jessica had a relationship with Mark Cuevas. They bonded over their commonalities in the pods and eventually got engaged. However, the romance had some rocky moments—with Jessica being blamed for many of them—and it ended when Jessica and Mark got to the altar.

Although the couple had a lot of screen time, Jessica revealed there was still more to their relationship than what was seen on Netflix.

“I wish viewers saw more of the friendship we created – we both decided in our own ways that we were not going to end up married in the limited time we had so we relaxed into a companionship,” Jessica told Showbiz. “I encouraged him with the onset of a new career and he was also supportive of my intense career. We were in very different places in life but we were fully supportive of each other. We were workout buddies and shared a lot of laughs.”

She added, “We had a cheeky and fun relationship once we were more comfortable and took the marriage card off the table. You really didn’t see any of this which caused a lot of confusion.”

Jessica reveals how she met her current boyfriend

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Jessica seems to have put the past behind her and found love outside of reality TV. She is currently dating Dr. Ben McGrath, a California-based foot and ankle surgeon.

According to Jessica, she and her current boyfriend met “through Instagram.” She shared, “He messaged me while watching LIB.”

Their romance is not just a fling, however. Jessica revealed that this is one relationship she could see going the distance.

“For me, I have met the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and I find I am enjoying every moment more than I have in any past relationship but also continuing to work on myself independently and chasing my individual dreams,” she said. “Every day with him is an adventure and it makes our relationship one worth fighting for but I’m also not losing sight of myself and the things that mattered to me before I found love. He allows me to do this and vice versa.”

Jessica shares she does not regret anything from ‘Love Is Blind’

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Jessica’s journey on Love Is Blind was not always full of pretty moments, but when asked if she had any regrets, Jessica shared that she would not change anything.

“I couldn’t be happier where I am now and I don’t like to take life too seriously,” she explained. “Someday I will have a real good belly laugh with my grandkids when I reference some pretty wild LIB stories and corresponding memes. Until then, no regrets. Life serves its ups and downs – and I think we all landed where we are supposed to be.”