‘Love Is Blind’: Matthew Barnett Said He Didn’t Pick Jessica Batten Because She Was ‘Just a Salesperson’

Fans of Love Is Blind were pulled in with the drama surrounding Matthew Barnett. He was talking to three different women in the pods on the Netflix show. Two of them were Jessica Batten and Amber Pike. He picked Pike over Batten, and that led to some drama. Now he is answering the reason behind his decision.

Matthew Barnett was stuck between 3 women on ‘Love Is Blind’

Amber on 'Love Is Blind'
Amber on ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

One person who did pretty well at the beginning of the experiment was Barnett. He was stuck between three women for some time and that includes Lauren Chamblin.

“They all would make excellent wives, and it’s difficult because I’m becoming emotionally attached to all of them in different ways,” he said on the show. “With LC, we’re very freaking similar, and it’s like, what’s going on here? Like, why are we so alike? It’s like figuring out if I want to marry myself in girl version.”

He then continued, “With Amber, she excites me, but she also scares the living hell out of me.” The engineer said, “If I don’t propose to Amber she’s going to find me outside of here and whoop my a**!”

He did have a favorite at one point. “I think Jessica is my number one, because every time I talk to her, there’s like mad goosebumps.”

Things changed once Barnett found out Mark Cuevas and Batten had a strong connection. He decided to propose to Pike and continue the process with her.

Barnett said she was like a salesperson

Barnett decided to propose to Pike in the end. He talked about led to his decision with Entertainment Weekly.

“I don’t think anybody could ever imagine what is going on in my mind,” he said. He talked about what made him change his mind when it came to Batten.

“With Jessica, I got this thought in my head that she was just a salesperson because I knew that’s what she had done in the past,” he explained. “It made me reevaluate if she was just trying to sell herself to me.”

Fans didn’t get to see that much interaction between Barnett and Chamblin. However, he also explained why he didn’t choose her. “Between Amber and LC, LC and I are still pretty good friends,” he said. “My mindset was like I could see LC because we were so alike, but then again, I realized that it would be a better friendship than actually a marriage.”

Finally he revealed what set Pike apart from the other women. “Amber just had that fire that I needed in my life,” he said.

There is a theory that they’re still together

The final episode of Love Is Blind has yet to air. But fans have their own theories about their relationship.

Fans did a deep dive into their Instagram accounts. They noticed Barnett and Pike wore the same stars and stripes hat to celebrate July 4.

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Happy birthday America!

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It would certainly be a weird coincidence that they both pose with the same hat if they weren’t together. But it’s still unconfirmed and fans will have to watch the final episode to see if they get married.

The show was filmed back in 2018. That’s a long time for the couples to hide the outcome of their relationships.