‘Love Is Blind’ Producer Shares the Number of Couples Who Get Engaged in Season 1

The streaming service is continuing its roll with reality shows. Love Is Blind shows people falling in love and getting engaged before seeing each other. But how many couples get engaged in the first season?

Here is what the producer, who also works on Married at First Sight, said about the Netflix show. Warning light spoilers for the first five episodes!

‘Love Is Blind’ tries to get people to fall in love without seeing each other

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind Netflix

The new Netflix show has people sit in pods where they can’t see each other but hear each other. They then talk to each other and if they find a person they want to marry, they propose and leave together to further their connection.

Producer, Chris Coelen talked to Entertainment Weekly about this set up. “They decide and they feel truly like they know everything about the person when they get engaged,” he said. “They feel like they knew the people they were talking to and they got engaged to better than people they had dated for five years, better than their family numbers because they weren’t able to open up in new ways. It’s crazy.”

Fans are able to watch people bond and flirt without seeing each other. They shared their reactions to the engagements on Twitter.

Multiple couples got engaged in the first week

The first week’s release of episodes showed six couples getting engaged. Lauren and Cameron, Damian and Giannina, Kelly and Kenny, Barnett and Amber, Mark and Jessica, Carlton and Diamond got engaged. Fans shared their shock on Twitter.

“Watched 1.5 episode of #LoveIsBlind and Cameron and Lauren falling madly in love, getting engaged, and then married in a span of 5 days and like being genuinely ABOUT each other is seriously having me questioning everything about love LOLL,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “#LoveIsBlind is nuts, I know the whole premise is to find someone (without seeing them) to propose too and then marry within 30 days but my god a couple getting engaged within 5 days and saying they love each other and can’t imagine there life’s without each other?? Madness.”

The episodes already showed some of the issues that pop up by getting engaged through this process. Carlton revealed a big secret he was keeping from Diamond. Jessica realized she wasn’t physically attracted to Mark. However, fans still have to meet more engaged couples.

The producer said 8 couples get engaged

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Coelen revealed eight couple get engaged in the show’s first season. The creator admitted he wasn’t sure if the experiment would actually lead to engaged couples.

“We had actually more success on this show, from that standpoint, than we were even able to document,” Coelen said. “As a producer I was kind of nervous like, is anybody actually gonna get engaged? Is anyone going to make it to the altar? And, in the end, we actually had more couples get engaged than we were able to follow on the show.”

That means fans still need to meet two more couples who will get engaged. It’s still up in the air if any of them will get married.