‘Love Is Blind’: Proof That Jessica and Mark Don’t End Up Together

Love is Blind has been both an endearing journey and a cautionary tale. As we near the final episode, fans are rooting for certain couples to end up in wedded bliss and yelling at their tvs for others to run as far away from each other as possible. While we may have to wait to see who officially ends up together, there are some clues that let us know that at least one of the couples is headed for a split.

Love is Blind
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What is the premise of ‘Love is Blind’?

Now, dating is all about looks. We swipe left or right on people based on a few of their photos. The goal of Love is Blind was to take the superficial aspects of dating out of the mix and see if people can fall in love with one another without ever seeing each other.

Who are the couples?

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten, and Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase are still together heading into the final episode. Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack also got engaged but didn’t make it past the couples’ trip to Mexico before calling it quits.

What’s been going on with the couples?

Gibelli and Powers are polar opposites. Gibelli is feisty and Powers is laid back. This has caused more than a little tension between the two of them. Powers has to constantly remind Gibelli not to yell at him and to pay attention to him. The two have been on rocky ground since they moved in together.

Hamilton and Speed have gotten along perfectly. They seem to fit together quite easily. The only problem is that Speed is used to living alone and doesn’t know if she can blend her life with another person.

Barnes and Chase are another couple who has had a pretty smooth ride. They haven’t had any arguments and other couples have looked up to them throughout the experience. Unfortunately, Chase hasn’t been sure if she sees Barnes as a romantic partner or just a friend.

Though Barnett and Pike connected instantly in the pods, Barnett had a hard time choosing between her and Batten. Since they have been living together, Barnett and Pike have gotten closer. But after Pike revealed all of her debt, Barnett has been having second thoughts.

Cuevas and Batten have received a lot of backlash from fans. Batten had an extremely hard time getting over Barnett and seemed to get mad at Cuevas for anything that he did. Fans have been hoping that Cuevas sees the light and leaves Batten.

Proof that Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas don’t end up together

Though the show just premiered, it was actually shot in 2018, so the couples would have been married for a while. On Jan. 13, 2020, Powers posted a photo to Instagram with Cuevas and Barnes. In the photo, Cuevas’ left hand is clearly being shown sans wedding band.

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We’re always getting into a little bit of trouble

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“Noticing Mark doesn’t have a ring on,” one fan commented on the photo. “Glad you at least came out of this experience with some new true friendships.”