‘Love is Blind’: Rory Newbrough and Matt Thomas Open up About Love Triangle Viewers Didn’t See

“Therapy plant” Rory Newbrough and his best friend in the house, Matt Thomas, the guy who appears at the very beginning of the first episode, weren’t shown much but were involved in a messy love triangle with Danielle Drouin. Rory and Danielle left Love is Blind as an engaged couple, but she decided to end the short-lived engagement to pursue a relationship with Matt. A year after the breakup, both Rory and Matt came forward with their sides of the story.

Rory Newbrough Danielle Drouin
Danielle Drouin and Rory Newbrough | Marcus Ingram

Rory Newbrough and Matt Thomas were in a love triangle

The counselor of the house, Rory Newbrough, became great friends with Matt Thomas very early after entering the house. However, they both developed a strong connection with yogi Danielle Drouin and considered her their number one.

After the pod experiment, Rory proposed to Danielle. They, alongside another couple, Westley Baer Lexie Skipper, got engaged during the pod experiment, but the show did not follow their story as well.

According to Rory, after he proposed to his new fiance, the producers talked with them regarding their “next steps.” The newly engaged couple decided to take a trip to Miami, but they broke up after they returned as Danielle wanted to pursue a relationship with Matt. The two dated for a little while before deciding to part ways.

Rory Newbrough opened up about his experience

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Rory explained he and Danielle almost immediately fell for each other, and she baked him an apple crisp and sent it to him in the pods.

During their dates, he said he never saw any “red flags” that she liked someone else as much. Therefore, it shocked him when he found out about her connection with his best friend on the show, Matt.

However, Rory explained he’s not a jealous person or “competitive-for-women type,” so it “didn’t bother” him “much,” when she left him for Matt. The “therapy plant” said he just wanted Danielle and Matt “to be happy” and still “regularly” speaks with both parties.

Matt Thomas explained his side of the story

The other side to the love triangle, Matt Thomas, gave his side of the story in a blog post. He explained that he and Danielle hit it off during the first round of speed dating and fell in love with her.

According to the charity director, they had a lot in common and even grew up close to each other, so he described their connection as “fate.” After Cameron Hamilton admitted he wanted to propose to Lauren, several other guys began “professing their love through the wall.”

Matt knew how Rory felt about Danielle because he heard him talk about her. But, the charity director chose not to come forward with his feelings as he promised himself he wouldn’t talk about his dates with other guys.

However, Matt got the impression that the producers would turn it into a competition between them for Danielle, so he came forward about his connection to Rory.

Matt claims he and Rory agreed to continue courting Danielle and let her decide rather than give in to “producer-induced reality tv drama.” Several fans believe Matt’s story backs up the theory that “Cameron really did start the wave of proposals.”

Additionally, one Reddit user speculated that the producers didn’t follow Rory and Danielle’s story “because he and [Matt] agreed not to play into any reality drama while both wooing her.”