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Love Is Blind Season 2 included two more couples who got engaged off-camera and weren’t followed to the altar. Are they still together?

Two 'Love Is Blind' contestants sitting in pods across from each other
‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 contestants sitting in pods across from each other | Netflix

Joey Miller and Caitlin McKee got engaged off-camera during ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2

During Love Is Blind Season 2 Episode 1, business consultant Joey Miller, 30, talked with Shayne Jansen and a couple of other guys about his first dates in the pods.

Other than that, the show doesn’t include Miller, who went on to propose to medical sales professional Caitlin McKee, 29. After the Love Is Blind Season 2 showed the six engaged couples it planned to follow; the two revealed their engagement on Instagram with a series of pictures featuring their time together away from the pods.

He explained the two connected from their first date and “got engaged without ever seeing each other.” Afterward, they spent summer and fall together “without all the cameras.” Although Miller noted the couple never made it down the aisle, he called it “a much more meaningful experience” than viewers would think.

McKee echoed his sentiments in her post, adding they also met each other’s families and had a relationship after the show as an engaged couple before “recently” deciding to split. The two both credit Love Is Blind and each other for helping them learn what they want from themselves in and in a long-term relationship.

Kara Williams and Jason Beaumont also got engaged off-camera during ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2

Another couple, client service manager Kara Williams, 32, and flight attendant Jason Beaumont, 31, also walked away engaged. Viewers didn’t see either featured in the show much.

However, Williams had a memorable segment with Shayne Jansen in which she wondered how well he did in real estate, presumably equating his success, or lack of, to his attractiveness. Beaumont revealed his engagement to Williams in a post on Instagram that also included several pictures of the two hanging out around town.

The flight attendant called his fiancé “charismatic, loving, supportive” and “one of the strongest women” he’s met and recalled how she looked when the two met for the first time. Referring to the experience as an “emotional rollercoaster,” Beaumont noted they still stood by each other until calling it quits.

Looking back on their time in the pods, he called their connection “authentic” and credited her for helping him become more “vulnerable.” Williams didn’t post anything acknowledging her short-lived engagement, and the two have seemingly blocked each other on Instagram.

‘Love Is Blind’ producer reveals why they pick certain storylines to follow

In an interview with the LA Times, creator and executive producer Chris Coelen spoke about the engaged couples the show chose not to feature.

He named Miller and McKee as well as Williams and Beaumont as the two couples who got engaged off-camera and admitted the viewers only see said constants “for a split second.”


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Coelen also noted he knew Miller and McKee remained together “for a while” after filming concluded but isn’t sure of their current relationship status.

When it comes to choosing which couples’ journeys to follow, he said it comes down to “how interesting do we think they are, and what’s the mix of stories?” Love Is Blind Season 2 finale premieres February 25, 2022, on Netflix.