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There is another new dating reality show with a twist. Netflix released a new show where people date without seeing each other. Love Is Blind tries to put the common phrase to the test. But the singles had to follow two rules while dating in pods. Find out what they were and more.

Couples getting engaged without seeing each other on ‘Love Is Blind’

The new Netflix show is a dating experiment where men and women blind date in pods. If a couple gets engaged they then leave and the show follows their life together up to their wedding.

The idea behind the experiment is seeing if love is truly blind. However, there is more than physical attraction that could tear the couples apart. Family and friends might disapprove of their relationship. They might continue to learn things about each other that changes everything.

However, the dating portion of the show is what really sets it apart. The dating process also changed with time.

The first dates were short

Amber on 'Love Is Blind'
Amber on ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

The dating process started with short dates so everyone could meet each other. It sounds very similar to speed dating.

“That part was sort of structured by production, and we rotated people sort of musical-chairs style, speed-dating style,” Chris Coelen told A.V. Club. “But then they controlled their own destiny. They asked what they wanted to ask.”

He continued, “We would take them out after about seven to 10 minutes in that first encounter and rotate them to the next person. And then, really, from there on, they were encouraged to focus on the people that they wanted to focus on, spend time with the people they want to spend time with.”

The only rules were they couldn’t see each other or touch

The contestants actually had a lot of flexibility when it came to their blind dates. There were just two obvious rules.

“Obviously they couldn’t see each other and they couldn’t touch each other,” said the show creator. “But other than that, they could do anything they wanted to do—we encouraged them to be creative.”

Viewers saw some couples having wine as they talked. But they were also allowed to have dinner dates. The show creator explained:

We said, “Look, think about it as if you’re going on a date. Whatever you want to do, within reason, we’ll try to accommodate that.” So if they said, “Hey, you know what? I love Italian food, and I’d love to have a lasagna dinner with my date,” we would try to arrange to bring in a lasagna dinner for the people on opposite sides. And they would talk to each other about it as they ate. They would say, “Wow, this lasagna is really cheesy. I love the sauce.” Or they would would want to paint a picture, or play a game together, or whatever, and they could do any of that.

It sounds like viewers might not have seen some of the unique dates in the pods. They will have to keep watching to see if the love found there will last.