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Many Love Is Blind fans are still angry over Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack’s final conversation together. The two former lovebirds had a nasty spat after Morton revealed his sexuality to Jack days after their engagement.

Morton has been on the receiving end of much criticism for delaying telling Jack — and because of the way he treated her when she confronted him about it. He’s now slamming fans and his celebrity friends for not supporting him since the show aired. 

Carlton Morton comes out as bisexual on Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’

Morton was immediately drawn to Jack during the dating phase in “the pods.” He explained in several of his confessionals that he’d dated both men and women in the past but is currently interested in settling down with a woman.

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“I want a wife now because I feel like women bring out a certain, like, nurturing love and affection to the table that I don’t get from a guy,” he said.

After several dates with Jack he proposed, and she happily accepted. But Morton never disclosed his sexuality to Jack, explaining to producers that he feared she’d reject him.
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While on their pre-honeymoon in Mexico, Morton finally decided to be forthcoming about his sexuality. Shocked and caught off guard, Jack tried her best to soothe him and was appreciative of him telling her. But she admitted she needed some time to process the information. After sleeping separately in the evening, Jack met Morton the following day to discuss the revelation.

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Jack was visibly hurt but was interested in trying to work through things. When she told Morton that she felt like he “played with the experiment” and was not honest from the start, he accused her of being ignorant, biphobic, and closed-minded. He also insulted Jack’s appearance and called her a b–ch. Jack ended their relationship for good. 

Carlton Morton calls out his friends for a lack of support following backlash from the show

Morton’s behavior toward Jack was not well received by viewers. He was perceived as playing the victim, lacking accountability, and being defensive.

Jack later revealed she felt Morton “took her ability to choose” off the table by not disclosing his sexuality before the engagement. She also insisted that she was willing to continue their relationship had their conversation not turned so negative and disrespectful.

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The show was filmed a year and a half ago, and Morton and Jack told People they’d since made amends and were on friendly terms. But their relationship once again took a sharp turn after Morton felt he was being treated unfairly by viewers. He believed he was the victim of homophobia.

In an emotional Instagram post on March 3, Morton — who works as an executive assistant to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey — accused his celebrity friends of not publicly supporting him as he dealt with the fallout from the show. He also took shots at viewers for what he said is a lack of empathy and understanding for him sharing his sexuality on television. 

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“Thanks for the 3 of y’all who supported me in this,” he captioned a post. “I feel alone and don’t want any of this life anymore. I’m fighting ALONE. And it HURTS.”
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Morton said he would cease all interviews and press opportunities regarding the show. He also posted several messages to his Instagram Stories that spoke about feeling alone and depressed. Fans have commented heavily under the post in support of Morton, sending kind messages to keep him encouraged through the difficult time.