‘Love Is Blind’: Why ‘Too Hot to Handle’ and ‘The Circle’ Star Chloe Veitch Would Actually Be the Perfect Contestant

Yesterday, Too Hot to Handle and The Circle contestant Chloe Veitch posted a promo for Love Is Blind. In the video, Veitch tried her hand at dating through a wall with several other Netflix reality stars. Though the video seemed to be just for promotional purposes, some fans thought Veitch was legitimately going to be on Love Is Blind, which actually could have been the perfect scenario.

Chloe Veitch from 'The Circle' Season 2 on Netflix shocked
Chloe Veitch on ‘The Circle’ | Netflix

Chloe announces she’s going on ‘Love Is Blind’

Yesterday, Veitch shocked fans when she posted a caption to Instagram that made it seem like she was going on Love Is Blind.

“Being on Too Hot To Handle and The Circle was a DREAM, but… I didn’t find the love of my life,” she wrote. “After falling for a catfish on The Circle, I learned you can’t really get to know someone through a screen… so I’ve decided to try #LoveisBlind and see if I can get to know someone… through a wall. Check out my stories for the full dates.”

But once the video was posted, it was clear that it was all just a promo for Love Is Blind Season 2.

Chloe is open to finding love on ‘Love Is Blind’

Love Is Blind requires participants to have a lot of faith in the process for the show to work. Most importantly, each of the participants has to be open to finding love in order to do it without ever seeing their partner. Veitch is more than open to finding love. She tried to do it on Too Hot to Handle and came up short. Then, she went on The Circle, which isn’t even a dating show, and made two connections.

First, she connected with Trevor on the show and that connection took her all the way to the final in the competition. Unfortunately for Veitch, Trevor was actually a catfish being played by his wife DeLeesa St. Agathe. But Veitch didn’t let that deter her and after the show, she connected with Mitchell Eason, another one of her The Circle competitors.

“To be honest me and Mitchell, we FaceTime nearly every night,” Veitch said during The Circle reunion. “I’ve spoken to his mom. I’ve told my family about him and we actually shared a kiss just after we filmed the finale.

Fans want her on the show

When the Love Is Blind promo with Veitch was posted to YouTube, fans were ecstatic about the opportunity to see her on the show.

“I will watch any show with Chloe in it,” one user commented. “Honest to God. If she is there I will watch it.”

“Honestly, Chloe is just amazing,” another person said. “Netflix sees something in her as we all do.”

“I need Chloe in every reality show,” one person added.

“I feel like the next step for the Too Hot to Handle cast should be Love Is Blind,” another person said.

Chloe thrives on every show

Coming off of Too Hot to Handle, Veitch could have been discouraged as she didn’t make a connection or win any money. But her open personality and sincerity on The Circle made the rest of her cast members like her so much that she ended the show in second place. Veitch is always up for a challenge and agreeing to a blind proposal would be the ultimate adventure.

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