‘Love Island’ Season 3 Episode 25: Kyra Gets an ‘Awakening’ Regarding Her Relationship With Will

Love Island season 3 couple Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada would have gone home if the Islanders didn’t save them as viewers put them in the bottom following Casa Amor. Many fans don’t like the pair, and they found out what fans thought of them during the Dirty Laundry challenge in episode 25. Although they tried to brush it off again, Olivia Kaiser and Trina gave their friend an “awakening” regarding her partnership with Will.

Will Moncada kissing Kyra Lizama during the re-coupling ceremony in 'Love Island' season 3 episode 4
‘Love Island’ season 3 couple, Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama || Sara Mally/CBS/Getty Images

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada paired up on Day 2

Initially, after entering the villa, 23-year-old Kyra Lizama coupled up with Virginia native Korey Gandy. However, she quickly fell for Columbian Will Moncada, who joined the cast later.

They coupled up on Day 2 and seemed the villa’s strongest pair. The two made it clear they only had eyes for each other and didn’t entertain any newcomers.

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They’re also the most affectionate couple as the two frequently hug and kiss.

Even though they’re friendly with the other Islanders, the pair seem in their own world and don’t open up about their relationship as the others often do.

He had a fling with Flo Mueller during Casa Amor

After a couple of weeks in the house, the contestants were tested with Casa Amor. As one of the strongest pairs in the villa, many fans thought they wouldn’t give the newcomers the time of day.

While Kyra refused to participate in several challenges involving kissing another Islander, Will took an interest in Miami native Flo Mueller. The two instantly connected, sharing a kiss, and had several conversations where it seemed he wanted to explore their connection.

Additionally, they shared a bed at night and frequently made out in the dark. When the girls returned, and the guys had to choose if they wanted to remain with their partner or choose a newcomer, Will admitted that he had genuine feelings for Flo in a confessional.

However, he decided to stick with his original partner. After the re-coupling ceremony, Will told Kyra about the multiple kisses he shared with Flo, and she forgave him.

The girls gave Kyra an ‘awakening’ during ‘Love Island’ season 3 episode 25

Even though Kyra moved past the situation, Shannon St. Claire called Will out for not being completely honest with her. A few episodes later, the group participated in a Dirty Laundry challenge where they learned what America thought of them.

One tweet claimed Kyra forgave Will too quickly and thought she would feel “embarrassed” when she watched the season. However, he insisted she had nothing to worry about, and Kyra tried to move on again.

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The Hawaii native later admitted she had a relationship pattern of losing herself in men, and Olivia Kaiser and Trina Njoroge thought the same thing happened with Will. Therefore, the ladies gave her an “awakening” and admitted they felt he didn’t like her as much as she liked him and didn’t want to pursue a relationship outside of the villa as she did.

Additionally, Trina admitted she thought Will wasn’t as genuine as he portrayed. Kyra promised to talk to her partner about it the following day but wanted to sleep for the night. Love Island airs on CBS.