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Love Island contestant Trina Njoroge has had an unconventional experience in the villa as most of her time involved a love triangle with Cinco Holland Jr. and her friend, Cashay Proudfoot. Even though she has yet to make another connection, many fans are voting for Trina to win season 3.

Trina Njoroge walks out on the premiere episode of 'Love Island' season 3
‘Love Island’ season 3 contestant, Trina Njoroge | Sara Mally/CBS/Getty Images

Trina Njoroge was involved in a love triangle with Cinco Holland Jr.

24-year-old Hacienda Heights, California-based Trina Njoroge entered the villa on Day 1 and paired up with Jeremy Hershberg.

However, they were unable to connect romantically, and he moved on to newcomer Aimee Flores while she partnered up with Korey Gandy for the moment.

Trina then fell for Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. and shot her shot, even though he was paired with her friend, Cashay Proudfoot, at the time. Cinco also wanted to explore a connection with her, and the two paired up on Day 11.

However, he went back and forth and ultimately regretted his decision after Cash admitted she still had unresolved feelings for him. Because he chose to pursue Cash, who moved on to Charlie Lynch, the Islanders voted to dump him on Day 24.

She hasn’t yet found a connection

Following his dumping, Trina has remained single in the villa. However, she’s open to finding new connections and has attempted to get to know the new guys who have since entered.

Most recently, Andre Brunelli and K-Ci Maultsby have joined the Islanders. Even though Trina expressed an attraction for the latter, she ended up paired up with Andre.

The ex-professional soccer player initially only wanted to get to know Olivia Kaiser and put his time into building a connection with her. However, Korey Gandy picked her at the re-coupling. Although he hadn’t talked to other ladies in the house, he chose to pair up with Trina, believing they “had the same heart.”

While she noted she had a crush on him, he seemingly friend-zoned her. During the most recent challenge, the two showed they had good communication skills, which they thought could serve as building blocks to a romantic connection.

Why many fans still want her to win ‘Love Island’ season 3

As the time for voting for the winner draws closer, many viewers have indicated they have selected Trina to win the show.

One Reddit user noted they are voting for Trina regardless of who she’s paired with because they believe she “deserves” the grand prize more than the other Islanders.

Another agreed, calling the California native their winner because they think she’s had the “most growth” and allowed herself to go through everything, including making a connection, dealing with heartbreak, and continuing to stay open to meeting someone else.

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On the other hand, one viewer noted that Trina hasn’t changed her “unhealthy relationship patterns” and hasn’t grown as much as others believe, referring to her opening package where she admitted she often previously found herself as “the other woman.”

The 24-year-old is also gaining support because several other fan-favorites, including Cash and popular couples Shannon St. Claire and Josh Goldstein and Wes Ogsbury and Aimee, have left the villa.

Additionally, many fans aren’t rooting for other remaining pairs, including Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama, and Olivia and Korey. Love Island airs on CBS.