‘Love Island USA’: Only 1 Couple Remained Together After Casa Amor in Season 4

Casa Amor is meant to test the current relationships in Love Island as the cast, separated by gender, lives with several members of the opposite sex for a few days. The original Islanders can either bring someone back into the villa, remain in a current coupling, or return single. Only one couple in season 4 stayed together during Casa Amor.

Chazz Bryant and Bella Barbaro

Chazz Bryant entered Love Island USA Season 4 alongside his sister Bria, and she picked Sereniti Springs to couple up with him. Even though they tried, the connection wasn’t there, and Chazz moved on to bombshell Kat Gibson in a “savage” speech, dumping Sereniti from the island. However, Kat quickly expressed her interest in keeping her options open. When the two separated for Casa Amor, he spent a lot of time, including a night in the Hideaway Suite, with Gabby Kiszk. But, he wanted to pursue a connection with Bella Barbaro toward the end of the experience, ultimately choosing to return to the villa with her.

Courtney Boerner and Chad Robinson

After initially pairing up with Andy Voyen, Courtney quickly moved on to Felipe Gomes once she determined they weren’t compatible. Eventually, her relationship with Felipe ran its course as she felt he didn’t want to get to know her, unlike newcomer Bryce Fins. She and Bryce coupled up and seemed happy until his lack of passion turned her off. Therefore, Courtney explored Casa Amor and felt the most profound connection with Chad Robinson, whom she brought back to the villa.

Jared Hassim and Chanse Corbi

Even though Jared Hassim had his sights set on Deb Chubb, he partnered up with Mady McLanahan. However, the two didn’t connect, and she chose to walk away from the experience. During Casa Amor, he met Chanse Corbi, and they hit it off. He returned to the villa with her as a couple.

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Nadjha Day and Nic Birchall

Bombshell Nadjha Day entered the villa, hoping to get to know Isaiah Campbell. Once it became clear that he had no interest in leaving Sydney Paight, she moved on to Jeff Christian, coupling up with him. When they separated for Casa Amor, he bonded with Tigerlily Cooley, but he remained focused on Nadjha, wanting to start a relationship with her. However, she moved on to Nic Birchall, unaware of where Jeff stood. After seeing him return to the villa single, Nadjha has pushed Nic aside and seems invested in further exploring her connection with Jeff.

Isaiah Campbell and Phoebe Siegel

Another Day 1 couple, Isaiah and Sydney, started rocky but developed into a solid pairing. When they split for Casa Amor, she remained focused on their future, noting she planned to ask him to become her boyfriend once they reunited. However, he wanted to explore a connection with Phoebe Siegel, claiming he would always wonder what would happen if he did. Isaiah returned to the villa with Phoebe, crushing Sydney, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do.

Deb Chubb and Kyle Fraser

Paired up since the first day, Jesse Bray and Deb have had difficulty moving their relationship from emotional to physical. During Casa Amor, she explored things with Kyle Fraser, who gave her the type of attention she wanted. Therefore, Deb took him back to the villa, admitting she couldn’t “trust” Jesse. However, after seeing his reaction, she regretted her decision and wanted to take him back. Kyle has since walked from the show for personal reasons, and Deb and Jesse seem back on track.

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Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison

After pairing up on the first day, the couple got very close, quickly becoming a contender for the grand prize. However, siblings Bria and Chazz broke up their happy home when he selected Timmy to couple up with his sister. The two have since reconnected and remained loyal during Casa Amor. They are the only ones to stay coupled up with each other following the experiment.

Which Islanders are single after Casa Amor?

Because Nadjha brought Nic back into the villa, Jeff is single. Additionally, Jeff is also single as Deb returned with Kyle. Kat didn’t connect with anyone from Casa Amor and came back alone but wanted to explore a possible connection with Jared. Finally, Sydney is single as Isaiah partnered up with Phoebe.

Love Island USA Season 4 airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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