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Love Island USA goes to great lengths to catch every moment of the love story between islanders. One former islander revealed some of the show’s secrets, from why the cast can’t tell the time to how they get their alcoholic beverages.

Who is Alexandra Stewart?

Stewart was on the first season of Love Island: USA and part of the original cast. She worked as a beauty publicist in Beverly Hills. The publicist said girl code was important to her, and she was looking for a boyfriend. 

She made a strong connection with personal trainer Dylan Curry. They placed as the runner-ups for that season. The couple later broke up in November 2019.

“Alex and I are no longer together,” Curry revealed in his Instagram Story, according to E! News. “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.” She confirmed this and said heartbreak is hard.

Alex Stewart explains the magic cabinet and the mysterious cameramen of ‘Love Island USA’

Alex made a TikTok answering fan questions about the show. The first thing she addressed is why the islanders don’t know the time or date despite having access to phones to get texts and more.

“The phones, I know this is such a big thing for everyone,” Stewart said. “They just can’t understand. We do not know the date or time. All the phones have different dates and times on them. No one knows unless you have a sundial know how to read it.”

The cast can be seen drinking together, but there are no bartenders. The former islander addressed that. “Wine comes out of a magic cabinet,” she claimed. “They tell you go get your wine, one glass maybe two if you’re lucky.”

Cameramen also aren’t shown on the show. “There are no cameramen visible to the islanders unless like one slips up and you see them in the bushes,” Alex explained. “But they’re all cameras just posted around the villa. That’s it. You only see the cameramen when you spot them like this [points to a picture behind her]. Or you’re doing a dance scene or on a date one on one.”

Alex claims the cast gets chaperones

Courtney Boerner on 'Love Island USA' poses in a crop top and skirt.
Courtney Boerner on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

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Fans usually see the cast making breakfast in the morning. But their other meals are kept away from the cameras and handled very differently.

“We only have to make breakfast,” Alex said. “Lunch and dinner are catered. The boys and girls are separate at lunch and dinner, and we have chaperones. And we’re not allowed to speak to each other because they don’t want the plot line to go any further, and they won’t film us eating because it’s not attractive.”

So that’s why fans never really get to see the cast eat other meals. Sadly, couples don’t get that time to further their bonds.