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Shortly after returning home from Love Island USA Season 3, former soccer player Andre Brunelli revealed the birth of his youngest child. Although he and his ex-wife, 2014 Miss Brasil USA Flavianny Nassimbeni, were reportedly not together at the time, Andre has confirmed they’ve rekindled their romance.

Andre Brunelli smiling in front of trees during an episode of 'Love Island'
‘Love Island’ star, Andre Brunelli | Sara Mally/CBS/Getty Images

‘Love Island USA’ star Andre Brunelli reunited with his ex-wife, Flavianny Nassimbeni

28-year-old Miami-based model Andre Brunelli entered the villa during Love Island USA Season 3 as one of the last new participants.

He revealed his divorce and daughter from a previous relationship but didn’t mention his ex-wife, 2014 Miss Brasil USA Flavianny Nassimbeni was pregnant at the time.

Therefore, many fans were surprised to see he welcomed a child with her in Sept. 2021, only one month after filming concluded. While he claimed the two weren’t together in the post announcing his newborn, they have since rekindled their romance.

In a Feb. 2022 Boomerang post featuring the Brunelli family shredding their divorce papers, the Miami-based model explained he and his wife began the process a year prior and credited God with helping them reconnect. “I had moved on and was living my life thinking I knew what I was doing, but God had other plans,” he explained. Andre turned the comments off the post.

Andre welcomed a child with his ex-wife shortly after returning from ‘Love Island USA’

A month after returning from Love Island USA Season 3, the former soccer player revealed he had welcomed his second child and first with Nassimbeni.

The 28-year-old claimed he and the pageant queen weren’t in a relationship at the time but planned to raise their son together, hoping he would serve as a “lighthouse, to brighten our darkest days and fill us with endless love.”

The Love Island star also preemptively responded to the upcoming backlash in his post, insisting he remained quiet about the pregnancy to make it “stress-free and normal as possible.”

Many fans called out Andre for not revealing he had a baby on the way during the show and felt he only recently applied for the divorce to join the dating series. Some have also theorized that he only wanted to appear on Love Island USA to win the money for his growing family. 

He had his eye on Olivia Kaiser, eventually coupled with Trina Njoroge

When Andre first arrived at the villa, he could take anyone out on a date and selected Olivia Kaiser. Even though she recently confessed her feelings for Korey Gandy, she didn’t want to be a second option as he had a thing for newcomer Bailey Marshall at the time.

Therefore, she gave it a chance and seemingly had a good time on their soccer date as it ended with a kiss. Olivia also noted she felt torn but ended up recoupling with Korey when he chose her first during the ceremony.


‘Love Island’ Season 3: Andre Brunelli Was Expecting a Child When He Left for the Show

Andre selected Trina Njoroge, noting they had similar hearts. While she said she would give their connection a try, he seemingly immediately friend-zoned her. As a result, the others chose them as the least compatible couple, dumping them from the dating series two days before the finale.

The two have seemingly remained friends as she congratulated him on the birth of his youngest, calling him “the best dad out there.” Love Island is available to stream on Paramount+.