‘Love Island USA’: Andy Thanked Mady for Helping Him Open up in Instagram Post

Andy Voyen and Mady McLanahan paired up two different times during Love Island USA Season 4 before he was dumped from the island. Following his exit, Andy posted a heartfelt message about Mady on his Instagram.

Andy Voyen thanked Mady McLanahan for helping him open up in an Instagram post

On Day 11 of Love Island USA Season 4, Andy Voyen became the second original Islander dumped from the villa.

Following his exit, he posted a heartfelt message on Instagram to his partner on the show, Mady McLanahan. After calling her “beautiful” and “sweet,” he thanked her for helping him show his emotional side in a way he felt he hasn’t before meeting her.

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He continued and acknowledged that he’s had his guard up recently but pointed out that Mady has shown him “it’s OK to be vulnerable, share insecurities, and communicate with intention and purpose.”

However, he seemingly closed the door on a romantic future with them, adding that they’ve grown and “learned so much from each other that we can take forward into our next relationships.”

Andy partnered with Mady twice during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

During the first day in the villa, Andy chose to couple with Courtney Boerner, even though she didn’t step forward, signaling an interest in him. However, their relationship quickly fizzled once he admitted to being a “mama’s boy.”

As she moved on to Felipe Gomes, he moved on with Mady, who entered the villa after the initial coupling. The pair hit it off right away as they shared similar values. But, he got bored and considered their relationship surface level as he thought she didn’t open up.

Mady later admitted to the other female Islanders that it takes a while to show her vulnerability. Andy’s eyes began wandering, and he became interested in Sydney Paight, who was already in a strong pairing with Isaiah Campbell. The pair talked and admitted they both wanted to get to know each other but feared losing their initial connections.

They eventually kissed, apparently giving Andy the greenlight to choose her at the next recoupling. His choice seemingly surprised her but upset Isaiah, who felt the Minnesota-based realtor broke the “bro code.” As a pairing, the two didn’t get to know each other better as her heart remained with Isaiah. Therefore, he went back with Mady, who initially claimed she wouldn’t give him another chance.

Andy exited villa on Day 11; Mady now partnered with Jared Hassim

After their second coupling, the two were on better terms and seemed to develop a stronger bond.

However, America put the couple at the bottom, making them vulnerable alongside Timmy Pandolfi and Bria Bryant. Ultimately, the other Islanders decided to keep Timmy over him and saved Mady, sending him packing.

After his exit, she admitted it would be hard to move on and fall for another Islander, as she still had feelings for Andy. The Texas native has since coupled up with newest single, Jared Hassim, a 23-year-old from Los Angeles, California.

However, it seems he might be more interested in Deb Chubb, who’s currently in a strong partnership with Jesse Bray. Love Island USA Season 4 airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.

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