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During Love Island USA Season 4, Bria Bryant and Zeta Morrison got into a heated argument after she partnered up with Timmy Pandolfi. However, Bria was dumped from the island when the pair recoupled. Following her time on the show, the New Jersey native accused Zeta of “excluding” her and preventing her from building a connection with Timmy.

Bria Bryant was the fifth Islander dumped from ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

On Day 6 of Love Island USA Season 4, Bria Bryant and her brother Chazz entered the villa as part of the first sibling twist.

She quickly hit it off with Timmy Pandolfi, who was in a strong pairing with Zeta Morrison. However, the two were given the power to choose anyone for their sibling, and Chazz picked Timmy for her.

It resulted in a massive fallout as Zeta didn’t take the news well, and the ladies got into an argument at one point, ending with Bria calling the OG Islander a “hater.” She and Timmy coupled up, and he admitted he wanted to get to know her better.

However, he ultimately picked his history and feelings for Zeta over Bria, and the two got back together at the next recoupling. Although Bria attempted to move on to newcomer Jeff Christian at one point, she found herself at the bottom, and the Islanders opted to send her home over Mady McLanahan.

Bria said Zeta prevented her and Timmy Pandolfi from building a connection

Following her exit, Bria spoke to ScreenRant about her “difficult time” in the villa. Regarding her heated moment with Zeta, the New Jersey native claimed viewers saw most of it.

According to Bria, she felt her co-star went “out of her way to start drama and to exclude me.” Additionally, she thought Zeta attempted to block Timmy and Bria from exploring a connection.

She continued, pointing out that she found it challenging to develop a relationship with Timmy when she thought Zeta made it “a point” to kiss him behind a bush and convince him not to pursue anything with her.

Even though Bria acknowledged that Chazz’s decision to choose Timmy lay solely in his hands, she admitted she would have picked him as well had she had the option. However, Bria also noted she would have pursued a connection with Jeff if given a chance. “I’m bummed about that, honestly,” she added.

Zeta and Timmy have since recoupled following Bria’s exit

After Bria exited the villa, Zeta and Timmy reconnected and have been inseparable since then. They were chosen to spend a private night together in the Hideaway Suite, where the couple claimed they strengthened their connection.

During their time apart in Casa Amor, the pair didn’t get involved with another Islander. Even though Timmy shared his bed with someone, as Zeta slept on the daybed back in the villa, he didn’t seem to have deep connections with anyone.


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They both chose to stay with each other after Casa Amor had closed and appear to be forerunners for America’s Favorite Couple. On the other hand, Jeff coupled up with bombshell Nadjha Day when she entered the villa. She set her sights on Isaiah Campbell but quickly learned of his strong connection with Sydney Paight.

Therefore, she and Jeff coupled up, but they didn’t build anything solid before Casa Amor. As a result, Nadjha moved on to Nic Birchall and brought him back to the villa, upsetting Jeff, who returned single, wanting to pursue something with her. After realizing his seriousness about her, she dropped Nic and gave her relationship with Jeff another chance. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.