‘Love Island USA’: Bria Calls Zeta a ‘Hater’ After Coupling With Timmy

Love Island USA is all about finding love. But it also helps to befriend the other islanders too. Sadly, it doesn’t look like friendship is in the cards for Zeta Morrison and Bria Bryant.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Episode 9.]

Bria and Chazz Bryant couple up on ‘Love Island USA’

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The show had an interesting twist with siblings entering the villa to find love with the islanders. Bria and Chazz Bryant got to know the cast in the last episode. In the July 27th episode, they had to pick each other’s person to couple up with.

Bria picked Sereniti Springs because she knows her brother’s needs. She feels like Sereniti knows what she wants and Chazz is capable of giving it to her.

Chazz picked Timmy Pandolfi, saying he feels he’ll keep Bria’s best interest in mind and treat her right. The cast kept Zeta in the villa, but she’s now single.

Bria calls Zeta a ‘hater’ on ‘Love Island USA’

Bria Bryant smiles in a yellow bikini on 'Love Island: USA'
Bria Bryant on ‘Love Island: USA’ | Peacock TV

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The ladies finally sat down to talk about the tension between them in the July 28th episode. Zeta explained how they started off on a bad foot.

“I feel like obviously, you knew you was interested in Timmy. Like you said that. He was one of the people you was interested in. It’s just quite easy for you because your brother had to make the decision. Now it’s all just like, ‘Well, my brother chose him, and that’s it.’ But in my spirit and in my heart, I know you would have chosen Timmy. Or is that wrong to think?”

Bria agreed, and Zeta respected that. “So for me, I just already felt like an energy that you weren’t trying to get that close to me,” Zeta said. “And I knew it was because you want to crack on with Timmy. Which is fine.”

The conversation got more heated when Zeta accused her of not living up to being a girls’ girl because she was “extremely silent” and therefore won’t give her energy. “I mean, the only thing that’s between us you could say is that we’re interested in the same guy. That’s literally it. Like, there’s no reason why I would not wanna talk to you. But you were trying to give me the cold shoulder at time,” Bria said. 

Zeta denied this. Bria said whatever Zeta was feeling in her heart was a reflection of something. Zeta chimed in, saying that her gut was right, and Bria disagreed. Bria got up and said, “Move how you gotta move, and so will I. It was nice talking to you.” Zeta replied, “I wish I could say the same.” Bria added, “Yeah, even if you don’t, you’re just a hater, and I felt that from the get.”

New men enter the villa, will Zeta’s head turn?

Timmy didn’t look thrilled by the drama but plans to continue to get to Zeta and Bria. The episode ended with Bryce Fins the “Italian Stallion” and Jeff Christian Jr. meeting the ladies.

It’s possible Zeta might be interested in one of the new men. Or she’ll be more focused on getting Timmy back.

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