‘Love Island USA’: Bria Reacts to ‘Hate’ Her Brother Has Received Throughout the Season

Love Island USA alum Bria Bryant entered the villa with her brother Chazz. Even though she didn’t last long, he remained for a few more weeks. However, viewers disagree with his actions in the villa, resulting in online backlash. Bria has since reacted to it.

Bria Bryant lasted a week on ‘Love Island USA’

Shortly after the initial coupling, Bria Bryant and her brother Chazz entered the villa as part of the first-ever sibling twist.

Her brother picked her to partner up with Timmy Pandolfi as she felt the most potential with him, even though he was in a strong pairing with Zeta Morrison.

The New York native admitted he was also interested in her, and they attempted to pursue something. Still, he felt more of a connection with Zeta, ultimately choosing to recouple with her.

Therefore, Bria moved on to Jeff Christian, and the two seemed on their way to establishing something. However, she landed at the bottom, and the Islanders opted to save Mady McLanahan over her, dumping her on Day 11 along with Andy Voyen.

Bria reacted to the ‘hate’ Chazz has received throughout the season

Following her exit, Bria returned to social media, where she began interacting with the fans. During an Instagram question and answer, she revealed she had a real connection with Jeff and would have wanted to continue pursuing something had she stayed in the villa.

Additionally, she noted that newcomer Jared Hassim “caught her eye” and might have tried talking to him if she remained on the island.

Even though Jeff has moved on to Nadjha Day, the New Jersey native thinks “they’re really cute” and believes he “deserves someone all for him.” Therefore, she’s “happy” for him. Bria also answered questions about her brother’s experience in the villa, noting she hoped he would stay with Bella Barbaro instead of pursuing something new with Phoebe Siegel.

Additionally, she reacted to the online “hate” Chazz has received throughout the season, admitting she doesn’t take it “too seriously.” The 24-year-old explained she has a relationship with her brother and knows him “better than anyone,” so she doesn’t “read” into what other people are saying.

Chazz got dumped from the island on Day 22

When Chazz first entered the villa, he partnered with Sereniti Springs, whom his sister selected for him. However, they didn’t seem to connect.

During the recoupling ceremony, Chazz gave a confusing speech that included both women before picking newcomer Kat Gibson. Sereniti felt offended, calling it “savage,” and refused to hug him.


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Many viewers sided with Sereniti following it as they also found it a bit harsh. During Casa Amor, Chazz spent the night in the Hideaway Suite with Gabby Kiszk but asked Bella Barbaro to stay overnight with him in his bed. He then chose Bella to return to the villa, confusing fans.

After telling her he wanted to pursue her, Phoebe approached Chazz, and he showed an interest in her. However, Phoebe told Bella first. She then decided to go for newcomer Joel Bierwert, which showed promise. But, she and Chazz were dumped from the island soon afterward. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.