‘Love Island USA’: Bryce Fins Clarifies Rolling His Eyes at Courtney Boerner During Conversation

During Love Island USA Season 4, Bryce Fins and Courtney Boerner appeared to have a strong connection until an argument shortly before his elimination. Following his exit, he clarified the situation in which Courtney thought he rolled his eyes at her, claiming it was “playful.”

Bryce Fins clarified rolling his eyes at Courtney Boerner

California native Bryce Fins and Floridian Courtney Boerner coupled up during Week 2 and seemed inseparable. However, a night lacking intimacy upset Courtney, who felt her love language wasn’t being respected.

When she initially tried to talk to him about it, Courtney said he rolled his eyes at her, annoying her more. Therefore, she had Zeta Morrison sit with them the next time she confronted Bryce. He insisted there wasn’t a lack of passion coming from his side, but the two didn’t get a chance to make up as he was eliminated from the villa shortly afterward.

Bryce has since clarified the situation where he rolled his eyes at Courtney in an exit interview with Page Six. He explained the two were lying in bed at the time and asked her to talk because she seemed “a little bit off.”

According to Bryce, she didn’t want to discuss anything at the time, even though he wanted to. He says he “didn’t even roll my eyes” and referred to it as a “playful” interaction.

Courtney and Bryce coupled up for a week during ‘Love Island USA’

Initially paired up with Andy Voyen at the beginning, Courtney quickly moved on to Felipe Gomes after deeming them incompatible.

The two appeared happy together and remained coupled for a week until Bryce entered the villa as a bombshell. After a kiss sparked a connection between them, the two realized they were on the same page and wanted to explore a relationship.

Therefore, Courtney chose Bryce to recouple with, effectively dumping Felipe from the villa, a decision she claims she doesn’t regret. Courtney and Bryce stayed together for a week and established a strong connection.

When they won “Most Boring Couple” at the awards, the duo took it as a sign they had a healthy, stable relationship. However, things turned when they weren’t as intimate one night, leading Courtney to believe Bryce ignored her love language. The two didn’t discuss the miscommunication much as he was eliminated shortly before Casa Amor opened.

Bryce thinks he and Courtney would have ‘survived’ Casa Amor

During Casa Amor, Courtney explored her options with a few newcomers, ultimately bringing Chad Robinson back into the villa as she felt they had the deepest physical and emotional bond.

However, Bryce believes the couple would have remained together if he also participated in Casa Amor. Speaking to Page Six, the San Diego native called his connection with Courtney “very genuine” and something that doesn’t just happen.


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He claimed he would have stayed loyal to his partner during the experience and wouldn’t have done anything to threaten their relationship.

According to Bryce, the two would have “survived it” and remained coupled up as he claimed she previously told him she wouldn’t turn her head for another guy. Additionally, the 30-year-old thinks the couple could have worked through their miscommunication if they had had more chances to discuss it. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.