‘Love Island USA’: Bryce Thinks He and Courtney Would Have ‘Survived’ Casa Amor

30-year-old San Diego native Bryce Fins was dumped from Love Island USA Season 4 after previously having a strong connection with Courtney Boerner. Following his exit, he clarified the lack of intimacy that concerned her and admitted he thought they would have “survived” Casa Amor.

Bryce Fins clarifies the lack of passion that upset Courtney Boerner

On Day 8, Bryce Fins entered the villa alongside Jeff Christian and immediately showed interest in Courtney Boerner.

Even though she seemed happy with Felipe Gomes, the 24-year-old chose to give Bryce a chance, and they remained coupled for Week 2. However, a night lacking passion upset Courtney, and he was dumped from the villa before the two made up.

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Following his exit, Bryce gave his side of the story to PageSix, noting they were “exhausted” one night. He recalled they were “intimate with each other” but admitted it wasn’t for as long as usual.

Bryce said the pair had a shorter conversation before elimination, where she reportedly said her feelings hadn’t changed. Additionally, Bryce claims she told him she didn’t see her “head turning” for anyone at Casa Amor.

Bryce thinks he and Courtney would have survived Casa Amor

Following his exit and Mady McLanahan’s decision to leave, the remaining Islanders participated in the experiment where Courtney explored her options, eventually coupling up with Chad Robinson.

However, Bryce thinks they would have remained together during Casa Amor. “I feel like what I had with Courtney was very genuine and not something that happens — easily even in this accelerated experience,” he claimed.

The 30-year-old San Diego native said he would have stayed loyal to Courtney and wouldn’t have threatened their relationship had he participated in Casa Amor.

Bryce continued, “I think we would have survived it.” He also believes the two might have worked through their intimacy miscommunication if they had more chances to discuss it.

Courtney got upset with Bryce for ignoring her love languages

Original Islander Courtney initially coupled up with Andy Voyen, but it didn’t last long after he admitted to being a “mama’s boy.” She moved on to Felipe, and they seemed happy as part of a couple for nearly a week.

When Bryce walked in, he quickly caught Courtney’s eye, and a connection sparked as they kissed during a game of Truth or Dare. The two later talked and realized they were on the same page. Courtney eventually decided to recouple with Bryce, believing that he wanted to get to know her on a personal level, which she didn’t feel from Felipe.

Courtney and Bryce were paired for a week, and she enjoyed their connection, noting that she appreciated how easy it was to talk to him. However, when the two weren’t as intimate in bed together one night, it upset Courtney, who felt her love languages were being ignored.

She tried to talk to him but claimed he rolled her eyes, prompting her to bring Zeta Morrison when confronting Bryce again about it. The two didn’t have a conversation resolving everything on-camera, but she admitted she thought him leaving was for the best. Love Island USA Season 4 airs Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.

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