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One of the only lasting couples from Love Island USA Season 3, fan-favorites Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. announced their decision to end their relationship nearly two weeks after revealing they began exclusively dating. They both took to their Instagram story around the same time to reveal the unexpected news.

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. hugging during a 'Love Island USA' Season 3 recoupling ceremony
Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. hugging during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 3 | Sara Mally/CBS via Getty Images)

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. revealed their break up

At a dinner celebrating her 26th birthday in early January 2022, Love Island USA Season 3 fan-favorite Cashay Proudfoot posted a picture of Cinco Holland Jr., referring to him as her boyfriend in the caption.

However, nearly two weeks later the two announced their breakup. Around the same time, the reality stars posted the news in similar statements to their Instagram story.

The two thanked their followers for their “support,” hoping it would extend to them individually. Cashay went on to admit she was “sad” and asked her fans not to message her their feelings about the split or “make a bunch of sad edits.”

They closed by pointing out the difficulty in breakups and asked for privacy.

They fell for each other during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 3

In July 2021, Cash and Cinco met during Love Island when he coupled up with her after entering the villa on Day 2. The two instantly developed a strong connection that had fans rooting for them.

However, another Islander, and her close friend Trina Njoroge expressed an interest in Cinco, turning his head. Believing she would open up faster than Cash, he chose to pursue Trina.

The fan-favorite went on to partner up with a few guys, unable to make another connection until she met Charlie Lynch in Casa Amor. Before then, she professed her unresolved feelings for Cinco who didn’t give her a definite answer. However, after Cash returned with Charlie on her arm, he began making an effort.

She went back-and-forth a little bit before deciding to fully commit to Charlie, who began to feel he waited long enough. Therefore, he started pursuing a connection with newcomer Alana Paolucci and chose her over Cash, effectively dumping the fan-favorite from the island. Following her exit, she reconnected with Cinco, who picked her up from the airport.

She recently referred to Cinco as her ‘boyfriend’

Following his exit, Cinco teased “we’ll see” when asked if he would pursue a relationship with Cash after her time on the show.

When she left five days later, he picked her up from the airport and they hung out in his Virginia hometown for a while. They visited each other several times and have posted videos working out together, going out at night, and hanging out with other cast members and relatives.


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Additionally, the reality stars spent both of their birthdays together. Most recently, after revealing they began exclusively dating, Cash posted a video of her then-boyfriend and mom doing a handshake, noting her mother is “obsessed” with Cinco.

Only a week later, and nearly two weeks after making things official, the couple announced their seemingly abrupt decision to call it quits. Love Island USA is streaming on Paramount+.