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Love Island USA allows couples to have privacy with the hideaway. The Season 4 cast agreed their horniest couple should be the first one to go. But will they grow stronger or weaker over time? Fans weigh in!

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Episode 13.]

Sydney and Isaiah had a rocky start on ‘Love Island USA’

Sydney Paight started the season saying she had the worst experience with men. The Houston native wanted a king to match her “queen-ism.” Isaiah Campbell said he wants someone he likes to come home to and who likes to flirt with. They picked each other in the first episode, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing.

“It may seem like I’m calling her out for a lot of stuff. But I may look like a d*ck, but I’m not trying to do that,” Isaiah told Valerie Bragg in episode 2. 

“When Isaiah talk to me, he like, hammers me sometimes, Sydney told Zeta Morrison and Andy Voyen. “I’m just like sh*t, and I just really caught the vibe that I guess he doesn’t like me for some reason. I don’t know. I’m just like, OK, dude, you don’t like me, it’s fine. Like just so intense, you know? The pressure of it.” They managed to move past it and stay together.

Sydney and Isaiah went to the hideaway in ‘Love Island USA’

In episode 13, Sydney got a text reading the hideaway was open, and the cast had to pick one couple to spend the night together. Everyone shouted Sydney and Isaiah.

“I really do feel like they have a lot of love for each other,” Courtney Boerner said. “And we all knew. It literally made sense for Sydney and Isaiah to go.” Deborah Chubb said, “The horniest couple, of course, deserves to go to the hideaway night one.”

The hideaway has a stripper pole and bed inside. The couple enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries together first. They also talked about getting into the jacuzzi before any other activities. There Sydney admitted to being scared of being attached to him, and he might still want to talk to other people. He claimed he wouldn’t be interested in anyone else.

‘Love Island USA’ fans debate if Sydney and Isaiah will last

Sydney Paight poses in a red bikini and sunglasses with her arm around shirtless Isaiah Campbell on 'Love Island USA'.
Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

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Fans shared their thoughts about the couple on Reddit. A user started a thread with, “Idk I feel like the day after the hideaway, he seemed a little off. I’m excited for casa amor to see things get shaken up a bit…”

“No I think they’ll be casa victims,” another fan replied.

Someone else predicted, “his head might turn in casa but i don’t know if he will bring the girl back, we’ll have to see if he wants to crack on with the new bombshells.”

“I feel like they will both f*ck around in Casa but will both come back single and be pissed at what each other did,” one person added.

There are some fans who have more faith in the couple. “I think they’re actually really into each other. I think it’s genuine and reciprocated,” one person commented.

“From what I’ve seen until now, I think they’ll stay together,” someone else added.