‘Love Island USA’: Chazz Clarified His ‘Savage’ Speech Dumping Sereniti: ‘It Was a Show’

Love Island USA Season 4 Islander Chazz Bryant dumped Sereniti Springs with a confusing speech that upset the fan-favorite personality. He recently clarified the message after exiting the villa.

Chazz Bryant dumped Sereniti Springs during ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

21-year-old New Jersey native Chazz Bryant entered the villa on Day 6 with his sister Bria as part of the first-ever siblings’ twist.

She chose Sereniti Springs to couple up with him, stealing her away from Tyler Radziszewski. However, Chazz and Sereniti didn’t seem to form a connection, leading to him dumping her for bombshell Kat Gibson.

Many fans took issue with how he made his decision as he appeared to talk about Sereniti for most of his speech until he picked Kat. It confused the Islanders and upset the New Orleans native, who referred to it as “savage” and refused to hug him on her way out of the villa.

A few weeks later, on Day 22, Chazz was dumped from the island when America voted his coupling in the bottom. Following his exit, the reality TV personality spoke to Today about his experience on the show and time with Sereniti.

Chazz clarifies ‘savage’ recoupling speech

Speaking about the New Orleans native, he said he knew he didn’t want to continue coupled up with her due to “issues” they had. Therefore, Chazz insists he never wavered in his choice to pick Kat.

While he doesn’t regret it, the 21-year-old called it a “hard decision” and claimed he felt “pressure” for his first speech of the season.

Chazz owned up to acknowledging Sereniti and Kat when he addressed the Islanders, clarifying that he spoke about Sereniti at the beginning before shifting gears to complimenting the bombshell. The Love Island personality continued, explaining he didn’t want to spoil his choice.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, it was a show,” he admitted. When it comes to him not warning Sereniti of his decision beforehand, Chazz claimed, “that’s not something we’re supposed to do.”

Chazz was dumped from the island after 22 days

When Kat and Chazz paired up, she quickly expressed her interest in getting to know other people. They ended up at the bottom at the next recoupling ceremony but were saved by the other Islanders.

At Casa Amor, the 21-year-old explored his options and connected with Gabby Kiszk. The pair spent a night together in the Hideaway Suite, but Chazz admitted he preferred to get to know Bella Barbaro, considering her more “physically attractive.”


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He brought her back into the villa and claimed he wanted to remain coupled up with her. However, Phoebe Siegel showed interest in him, and Chazz tried to weigh his options.

After realizing he preferred to continue his journey with Bella, she established a connection with newcomer Joel Bierwert that she wanted to pursue. But, they didn’t get a chance as America voted Chazz and Bella as one of the bottom couples, leading to their dumping. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.