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Love Island USA Season 4 alum Chazz Bryant wanted to get serious with Bella Barbaro but seemingly ruined it when he gave Phoebe Siegel a chance. Following his dumping, the 21-year-old admitted he had some regrets.

Chazz Bryant regrets not ‘directly’ talking to Bella Barbaro about pursuing Phoebe Siegel

On Day 6, Chazz Bryant entered the villa alongside his sister Bria as part of the first-ever sibling twist. He coupled up with a few Islanders before wanting to get serious with Bella Barbaro following Casa Amor.

However, when Phoebe Siegel showed interest in him, he admitted he wanted to get to know her better, and the two kissed. Phoebe told Bella about the conversation and smooch before Chazz, and she decided to move on to newcomer Joel Bierwert.

Following his dumping, Chazz appeared on the After the Island podcast and admitted he regretted pursuing Phoebe as it ultimately led to him losing Bella. The 21-year-old pointed out that the New York native was interested in him and claimed she had already told Bella about the situation.

Therefore, Chazz assumed his partner was OK with it. However, Chazz noted he should have talked to her “directly” about it and heard how she felt about it. Even though he did want to get serious with Bella, the New Jersey native admitted he was curious about a possible connection with Phoebe. 

Chazz clarified his decision to bring Bella back to the villa

When Casa Amor opened, Chazz seemed to establish something with Gabby Kiszk quickly. The two were voted to spend a night together in the Hideaway Suite and appeared to have a good time together.

However, shortly before returning to the villa, Chazz revealed his interest in Bella and asked her to spend the night with him in his bed.

The following day, the 21-year-old decided to bring Bella back to the villa. His decision confused many people, but he clarified this during the podcast. According to Chazz, he and Gabby developed a connection but didn’t consider her “his type.”

After their time in the Hideaway, he explained he wanted to continue experiencing Casa Amor and began talking to Bella. Chazz said they kissed when they spent the night together, and he felt their connection outweighed what he had with Gabby.

Kat Gibson explained why she backed away from Chazz

Shortly before Casa Amor opened, Chazz dumped Sereniti Springs to couple up with bombshell Katherine “Kat” Gibson. However, she quickly expressed her desire to keep her options open.

During her interview with the podcast, the YouTuber explained why. According to Kat, she told Chazz she wanted to take things slowly and would pull away if she felt “too much pressure.”


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Therefore, it caught her off guard, and she took “80 steps back” when he declared that he was “all in” on her. The Virginia native said she told him she wanted “space” and considered Casa Amor the perfect opportunity to test their relationship.

Even though she said she tried to give it a chance, Kat admitted she realized her true feelings for Jared Hassim during their separation. Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.