‘Love Island USA’: Courtney Admits Men Were Jealous of Her and Zeta’s Relationship

Love Island USA focuses on heterosexual pairings, although some bisexual women have been on the show. That was the case for Courtney Boerner in season 4. But she revealed her male partners had to watch out for her feelings for her closest female friend in the villa.

Courtney and Zeta kissed on ‘Love Island USA’

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Courtney entered the villa open about her bisexuality. She said she dated women before and is open to finding someone on the show.

She coupled up with Felipe Gomes, Bryce Fins, and Chad Robinson before getting dumped from the island. Although her romantic pairings weren’t stable, her friendship with Zeta Morrison was steady.

Episode 16 showed the cast playing Truth or Dare. Zeta was dared to kiss the top three guys she was interested in, and she kissed Courtney first. Courtney said they had sexual tension, but Zeta stayed loyal to Timmy Pandolfi.

Courtney said men knew to watch out for her and Zeta on ‘Love Island USA’

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Courtney tried to find love with multiple men, but it never worked out. It turns out they were aware of her feelings for her friend.

“Oh yeah, literally every guy that came in to pursue me was like asking me about her,” Courtney said on the official Love Island USA podcast. “They were so like, ‘So do you wanna couple up with Zeta?’ I’d be like, ‘Yeah, she’s just not bi.’ They were like, ‘OK, so I gotta watch out for her too.’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’”

The former islander said she was open about her feelings toward the British islander too. “But yeah, I always told her,” she continued. “I was like, ‘If you’re ready to like, you know, come to the dark side, let me know, you know?’”

“She was like, ‘If I were to go that way, it would definitely be for you,’” Courtney claimed. “She was like, ‘I have never been into women. But yeah, if I ever were, you would be like exactly.’”

Will Zeta and Courtney date after ‘Love Island USA’?

Sydney Paight, Isaiah Campbell, Courtney Boerner, Bryce Fins, Zeta Morrison, Timmy Pandolfi sitting on a couch during 'Love Island USA' Season 4
‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Islanders Sydney Paight, Isaiah Campbell, Courtney Boerner, Bryce Fins, Zeta Morrison, and Timmy Pandolfi | Casey Durkin/Peacock/Getty Images

Courtney answered if she thought anything would happen between them after the show. “I think just friendship,” she answered. “I don’t wanna make things complicated, and I really respect our friendship love for each other. But sh*t if it happens, I’m not gonna complain about it.”

Chances are Zeta will still be figuring out her relationship with Timmy after the season. On a date, Timmy asked Zeta to be exclusive with her “outside of this.” She said yes. So it looks like Zeta and Courtney will continue to be good friends after the show.

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