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Love Island USA is coming back. The women in the cast have been revealed, and fans think one person looks a lot like someone who made it far last year on Love Island UK.

‘Love Island USA’ revealed the women for season 4

Season 4 is premiering on July 19, and the cast is slowly being rolled out. The profiles for the ladies were released on July 11.

Deb is 26 years old, and her green flag is If he loves his mom. Zeta is 29 years old, and she’s attracted to a man who is “generous with his time and heart.” Sydney is 22 and loves it when a man gets her phone number right away. Courtney is 24 and loves emotionally intelligent men. Sereniti is 28 and loves family-oriented men. 

Fans have to wait a little longer for the male profiles for the season. But fans already have a lot to say about the ladies. 

‘Love Island USA’ fans think Deb is just like Liberty

Deb from 'Love Island USA' poses in a black swimsuit.
Deb from ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

Fans reacted to the pictures of the starting female cast on Reddit. The top comments are about Deb.

“Deb is just liberty. Can’t convince me otherwise,” one fan commented.

“Omg this is what I thought. Liberty’s American cousin,” someone else added.

“Deliberty,” one person joked.

Liberty was on season 7 of Love Island UK. It’ll be interesting to see if Deb will do better or worse than her British lookalike.

Who is Liberty Poole?


‘Love Island UK’ Couples: Who Is Still Together in 2022?

Liberty was also in the starting cast of her season. She immediately coupled up with Jake Cornish, and they broke up and left the show on day 54. This was after Jake criticized her for being messy. Producers also showed her a clip of him saying he didn’t really fancy her to where he wanted to “rip her clothes off.”

“I was in love with Jake,” Liberty told The Sun. “And, of course, I still love and care for Jake. You don’t end things then just get over someone like that. But I think, in the long run, I made the right decision. You have to put your own feelings first and to make yourself happy. And that is what I have done.”

She also explained what was lacking in their relationship. “And other little things started to add up,” Liberty later said. “There wasn’t enough reassurance. I did the right thing. I do think Jake is a genuine guy. I would hate to say he was emotionally abusive. It was in the heat of the moment and the energy was off. We were going up and then down and I don’t feel like a relationship should feel like that.”

Liberty recently returned for Love Island After Sun with Nkazana “Kaz” Kamwi. Hopefully, Deb has a better chance at finding love this season. The new season premieres on July 19 on Peacock