‘Love Island USA’ Fans Debate if Isaiah Really Planned to Ask Sydney to Be His Girlfriend

Love Island USA couples are being tested. Isaiah Campbell claims he was ready to commit to Sydney Paight but might risk it all for Phoebe Siegel.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 21.]

Isaiah reveals to Phoebe his plans with Sydney on ‘Love Island USA’

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The women and men are split into different villas to meet new bombshells. Multiple women were interested in Isaiah, but the law student caught his eye. The Aug. 10 episode showed they kissed in bed. The day after, he talked about his feelings.

“Honestly, like I don’t know, Phoebe. I’m very conflicted. I’m very conflicted,” he told her. “Do you feel a connection with me when we were in bed last night?” she asked. “Yeah, I did 100 percent,” he answered. “That’s why I made that move to you.”

He explained further his dilemma. “See, like the reason I’m so f*cked up is because I thought–I mean I thought I had a genuine thing. I was gonna ask Sydney to be my girlfriend on the next date that we had,” the waiter admitted. “So that’s why I’m so conflicted.”

Phoebe added that he might’ve needed three weeks to build the same connection they made in three days. She added there is a high reward for taking her back to the villa because she’s the “full package.” 

She later told him that she wanted a chance to be with him. Isaiah said he was going to give it to her. 

Fans debate if Isaiah was telling the truth about his plans

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Some fans don’t know what to believe when it comes to Isaiah. So they talked about his claim of wanting to commit to Sydney on Reddit.

“Do we believe that Isaiah was going to ask Sydney to be his girlfriend?” one fan asked. “He would but he wouldn’t mean it lol,” someone guessed.

“Yeah I do honestly,” another fan answered.

“He said it to the guys too so maybe?” a person added.

Sydney wants Isaiah to be her boyfriend

Sydney Paight poses in a red bikini and sunglasses with her arm around shirtless Isaiah Campbell on 'Love Island USA'.
Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

Some of the ladies have a lot to worry about since Casa Amor even has a Hideaway. Sydney said multiple times that she missed Isaiah back at the villa. 

The episode ended with her talking to Zeta Morrison about it and what they wouldn’t feel comfortable with their men doing with other women. “Cuddling is a big no-no for me,” Sydney said. “That would really hurt me.” Zeta agreed, saying cuddling is “emotional.” Sydney said, “When he comes home, I’m gonna tell him my truest feelings and be like, ‘ I really like you. Can we date?” 

Sydney said in her interview that her “gut” tells her everything is going to be OK. But she still has questions in her head about what he’s doing. It looks like one of the strongest couples might not make it to the finale after all.

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