‘Love Island USA’ Fans Predict Isaiah Will ‘Flip’ Things on Sydney

Love Island USA fans had a lot to say about how Casa Amor ended. Find out why they think Isaiah Campbell is going to twist his decision around for Sydney Paight.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 22.]

Isaiah brings Phoebe back from Casa Amor

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Episode 22 showed the recoupling after Casa Amor. Isaiah brought back Phoebe Siegel while Sydney stayed single. 

“I feel like every time she walks into the room, it lights the sh*t up,” Isaiah said when explaining his decision to pick Phoebe. “The thing is just the way she carries herself.”

“I mean, I’m really happy,” Phoebe told Sarah Hyland. “I had my eye on him since the moment he walked in here day one, and I led with my heart and falling in my favor.” Isaiah claimed the last few days were difficult for him, but he came to the conclusion to give Phoebe a chance.

Sydney said she felt like she was hit by a semi-truck and betrayed. “I still have a ton of feelings for you,” the waiter told her. “I just genuinely trying to figure out what I truly want and what my heart wants.” She then told him to do what he needed to do and that she won’t stay single for long.

‘Love Island USA’ fans predict Isaiah will mess with Sydney’s head

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Are things truly over between Isaiah and Sydney? Reddit fans don’t think so.

“He’s going to flip this sh*t and gaslight Sydney like I’m not leaving you I’m just bringing her back to explore you both,” one fan predicted.

“He laid that ground work tonight,” another person replied.

“‘I just wanted to make sure our connection is real. And now that I’ve made out with her a bunch and slept in the same bed with her, I know for sure you’re the one I really want,’” a third fan added.

Other fans also think Isaiah’s feelings are stronger for Sydney. “Is it just me or Isaiah does NOT seem interested in phoebe at all,” someone asked. “I think he likes how confident she is, but he doesn’t seem interested at all. He seems like he’s bored and with Sydney he has more of a personality. His personality left in Casa Amor.”

Another couple was split by Casa Amor

Phoebe and Isaiah stand next to each other as a couple on 'Love Island USA'
Phoebe and Isaiah stand next to each other as a couple on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

Deborah “Deb” Chubb got close to Kyle Fraser in the villa. She coupled up with him and looked very guilty to find out Jesse Bray stayed single.

Jesse said Deb deserved better than him and wanted to see her happy. Deb admitted she didn’t think she could trust him. The courier said he understood.
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